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Rosemary extract - 50ml

Soria Natural Rosemary Extract is a stimulating tonic for the nervous and circulatory system. It has properties that stimulate digestion, especially bile, it is emmenagogue, anti-infective and antispasmodic. It is indicated in depressions, asthenia, low tension, pains of nervous origin, hepatobiliary disorders, delays of the period, and is a general stimulating tonic.

      Soria Natural Rosemary Extract is a food supplement with astringent properties that increases stomach acidity and helps reduce the risk of indigestion.

      Rosemary extract from Soria Natural works as a food supplement against stomach acidity, also helping in the digestive process reducing the risk of indigestion. Its extraction process is natural and preserves the beneficial properties of rosemary to the maximum.

      It is indicated against depression, asthenia, low blood pressure, pains of nervous origin, hepatobiliary disorders, period delays, and is a general stimulating tonic.

      Essential aspects of Natural Rosemary Extract from Soria per 1ml

      • Provides 2mg of essential oil
      • Due to its stimulating and tonic effects, it favors recovery in the case of respiratory and digestive diseases.
      • Due to its carminative properties, it favors the reduction of gases in the digestive tract, especially taken as an infusion.
      • It has a high content of iron and for this reason it can help to overcome its lack in certain cases of anemia.
      • It is a product rich in antioxidants and therefore helps to neutralize free radicals.

      What is achieved with Natural Rosemary Extract from Soria?

      It is indicated for:

      • Depressions
      • Low tension.
      • Pains of nervous origin.
      • Hepatobiliary disorders.
      • Period delays.

      The rosemary in this product also contains iron (part of the hemoglobin within the red cells, which determines how much oxygen the blood carries) and potassium (a component in the fluids of the cells and the body that helps control the heart rate and blood pressure).

      It also contains fiber, copper, calcium and magnesium, abundant B vitamins, such as pentatonic acid, pyridoxine, riboflavin, folates, useful in DNA synthesis and for women before conception, which helps prevent defects in the neuronal tube of newborns.

      Rosemary extract from Soria Natural is carminative, digestive and antispasmodic, and has choleretic, cholagogue and hepatoprotective properties. The favorable effect it exerts on digestion is produced by acting on several levels. First of all, it stimulates the production of gastrointestinal juices. It also relaxes the gastrointestinal smooth muscle, eliminates possible spasms and favors secretions.

      Rosemary extract from Soria Natural has traditionally been considered as a product that favors blood circulation, so it is used in cases of decreased peripheral irrigation and hypotension. It is also used in cases of stress, and even mild depression, thanks to the invigorating effect on the nervous system attributed to it. Thanks to its emmenagogue properties, it is used in cases of amenorrhea, oligomenorrhea and dysmenorrhea.

      How do you take Rosemary Extract from Soria Natural?

      • Adults: It is advisable to take 1 ml ADE (approx 25 drops) 3 times a day diluted in water.
      • Children: up to 5 years, 1 ml a day (8 drops 3 times a day); between 5 and 12 years half of the adult intake.
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