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Milenrama extract - 50ml

Yarrow extract by Soria Natural, a food supplement with excellent properties and active principles of the Achillea millefolium plant, which is better known as yarrow. It has anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory and even emmenagogue characteristics. That is why, it is a product with a wide variety of healthy benefits.

      Yarrow extract by Soria Natural, is a food supplement that offers the highest concentration of active ingredients and healthy properties of yarrow, for your health.

      Yarrow is a plant that over the years, and after different investigations, has proven to be a plant with many properties that considerably improve health. Its benefits are effective in treating certain pathologies and conditions of the body.
      Yarrow extract by Soria Natural has done is to create an extraordinary formula that has a high quality yarrow extract, extracted through a state-of-the-art process that guarantees the maximum use of its active principles and its properties remain intact. Yarrow extract by Soria Natural, you can treat everything from fever and spasms, to toning the female genital tract and treating menstrual disorders, all with a single, 100% natural, safe and effective product to promote a healthier life.

      What is Yarrow Extract by Soria Natural?

      • It is made with high-quality, concentrated yarrow extract
      • It supports digestion and good digestive health due to its eupeptic properties
      • It has antispasmodic properties to relieve spasms
      • It is perfect to fight fever due to its antipyretic characteristics
      • It has an excellent anti-inflammatory action
      • It helps you to treat menstrual disorders
      • It tones the female genital tract
      • It fights any lack of appetite and dyspepsia
      • It is highly bioavailable
      • It is quickly and easily absorbed
      • It made with 100% natural ingredients
      • It does not contain alcohol
      • It is suitable for vegans

      What is in each dose of Yarrow Extract by Soria Natural?

      Packaged in a convenient dropper bottle for a better and more precise dosage, the Yarrow Extract by Soria Natural is a product in liquid format, for greater absorption and maximum use of its formula and therefore its properties.

      The formula of Yarrow extract by Soria Natural is made of concentrated extract of high quality yarrow, grown without pesticides in the fields of Soria. It also contains glycerin, alpha-cyclodextrins and gamma-cyclodextrins.

      What is Yarrow extract by Soria Natural taken for?

      Yarrow extract by Soria Natural is a food supplement that will promote the development of good health with the recommended dose. It will help you to avoid lack of appetite, digestive problems, dyspepsia, fever, inflammation, among others conditions. Yarrow extract by Soria Natural works in a natural way in your body without causing side effects, so its use is safe and guaranteed.

      Yarrow extract by Soria Natural is recommended for people with digestive disorders, people with fever or inflammation, or people who want to relieve spasms. It is perfect for women who wish to tone their genital tract or treat menstrual disorders.

      Recommended daily dose of Yarrow Extract by Soria Natural

      • As a dietary supplement, take 1 ml of product
      • Take the dose 3 times a day
      • Take the dose between meals
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