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Hiposal de Soria Natural is an extraordinary natural ingredient for your meals, designed to be a totally sodium-free salt, and also combined with vegetables and aromatic herbs of intense flavor and totally from clean and ecological crops, so that you can prepare delicious meals and your favorite dishes without the health disadvantages of common salt.

      Add flavor to your meals and preparations without adding any amount of sodium, with Hiposal de Soria Natural, the sodium-free salt made with 100% natural ingredients.

      Salt is a fundamental ingredient for any meal, in fact it is one of the things that add flavor to preparations. However, excess sodium can be harmful for many people, and in fact, in some cases it is necessary to do without it, greatly sacrificing the taste of your meals. Hiposal de Soria Natural is the best natural alternative to flavor your preparations, since it is a totally sodium-free salt, made from potassium chloride, and accompanied by a combination of dehydrated plants and vegetables with excellent flavor and aroma. , ideal to enhance the flavor of your meals, and preparations such as stews, soups, barbecues, meat, fish, etc. Without the disadvantages to health that can be presented by the consumption of common salt.

      What are the characteristics of Hiposal de Soria Natural ?

      • Made with 100% natural ingredients
      • Incorporates aromatic herbs and dehydrated vegetables from clean, organic farming
      • Ideal for preparing soups, meats, stews, etc.
      • Enhances the flavor of your preparations and meals
      • Has no sodium content
      • It is an excellent substitute for common salt
      • No side effects to health
      • It does not have the disadvantages of common salt
      • Ideal for low sodium diets
      • Ready to eat with your meals
      • Suitable for vegans and vegetarians

      Composition of Hiposal de Soria Natural

      Hiposal de Soria Natural is a natural salt with zero sodium content. It is an ideal salt to flavor your favorite preparations and foods, from soups, salads, stews, among others.

      Hiposal de Soria Natural is made from potassium chloride, combined with aromatic herbs with an intense flavor and aroma and from organic farming such as thyme, rosemary, parsley and marjoram. It also contains dehydrated vegetables such as green leek, carrot, chives, garlic and onion.

      Why is Hiposal de Soria Natural taken ?

      Hiposal de Soria Natural is an extraordinary ingredient for your meals, ideal for seasoning and salting your favorite preparations, using a sodium-free salt with no health disadvantages for the user that common salt usually offers. With Hiposal de Soria Natural a healthier but delicious meal is guaranteed, since its excellent ingredients, vegetables and aromatic herbs provide great flavor and aroma to your meals.

      Hiposal de Soria Natural is ideal for all types of people who want to replace the use of common salt with a healthier one. Perfect for people who want to enhance the flavors of their food. Ideal for people who have problems consuming sodium.

      Recommended daily dose of Hiposal de Soria Natural

      • As a substitute for common salt to season your meals
      • Use to prepare stews, soups, meat, fish, etc.
      • Use in the preparation of your daily meals
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