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Damiana extract - 50ml

Damiana extract by Soria Natural is a food supplement with a high concentration of good quality dried damiana leaves, with an effect on the nervous system since it is a general tonic, aphrodisiac and antidepressant. It is very useful to treat problems such as asthenia, convalescence, depression and sexual dysfunction.

      Damiana extract by Soria Natural a natural aphrodisiac that helps you to get back sexual desire, without any chemical additives!

      Damiana extract by Soria Natural, is a natural aphrodisiac and works as a genital stimulant that increases sexual appetite. It improves impotence and frigidity because it is a powerful vasodilator that helps you to get back desire and maintain performance and strength and physique during intimacy. It is also involved in speedy recovery, used as a treatment for premature ejaculation and also increases testosterone and the quantity and vitality of sperm. Its properties fight sexual dysfunction by improving blood circulation, thus helping the erection of the male reproductive system. It is an endocrine regulator that normalises the menstrual cycle and alleviates the menopausal effects and maintains the proper functioning of the reproductive system. In addition, it works as a muscle and nerve relaxant, managing to relieve anxiety and stress. It has another function on the nervous system, as it is a powerful stimulator, which helps you to awaken the senses and get many and better sensations, these stimulants act in cases of decay, reluctance, and even in depressive conditions, hence It is recommended in these states to activate the stimulation of the body and the state of mind. But not only its effects are at the nervous level, but its high diuretic and draining power should be taken into account, which helps you to keep a perfect state of health. It also has a high fiber content that helps you to prevent constipation.

      Main characteristics of Damiana extract by Soria Natural

      • It has a high concentration of saponins per dose.
      • It is aphrodisiac and antidepressant
      • It improves impotence and frigidity.
      • It maintains the reproductive system and increases the number of sperm.
      • It stimulates the sexual appetite and provides performance and physical strength.
      • It normalises the menstrual cycle and relieves menopausal conditions.
      • It improves mood and relieves anxiety and stress.
      • It is draining, diuretic and improves constipation.
      • It is a natural extract, without chemical additives or colouring.

      Composition of Damiana by Soria Natural Extract

      Damiana extract by Soria Natural is a food supplement that is presented in a liquid format, in an opaque 50 ml bottle with a drip dispenser. It is made with organic farming plants.

      Content in each dose (1 ml):

      • It contains 3 mg of saponins.

      What is achieved with Damiana extract by Soria Natural?

      Damiana extract by Soria Natural is a natural aphrodisiac that intervenes to help enhance sexual life and treat cases of constipation.

      Damiana extract by Soria Natural is recomended for people who want to protect and enhance their sexual life and to fight the problems of asthenia, convalescence, depression and sexual dysfunction.

      Recommended daily dose of Damiana extract by Soria Natural

      • Take 1 ml.
      • Take it diluted in water.
      • Take it 3 times a day.
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