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Composor 27 periodol complex - 50ml

Composor 27 Periodol Complex from Soria Natural is an extraordinary nutritional supplement made from chasteberry, a medicinal plant that makes it really effective to regulate the menstrual cycle and improve fertility, fighting problems such as premenstrual syndrome, menstrual irregularities and breast tenderness. , thus giving you the oppressive general well-being that you seek so much.

      Get your menstrual cycle regular and forget about the discomfort on those difficult days of menstruation thanks to the wonderful Composor 27 Periodol Complex from Soria Natural.

      Composor 27 Periodol Complex from Soria Natural is a great food supplement made from chasteberry, a medicinal plant with great medicinal properties that gives it an excellent regulatory action, making it especially recommended for women who suffer from irregularities in their menstrual cycle, fighting mild conditions or severe, such as premenstrual syndrome and its related symptoms, such as menstrual disorders and breast tenderness; This regulatory action can be explained because it helps to stabilize the production of the substances involved in the proper functioning of the female reproductive system, improving and balancing their amount in the ovaries during the menstrual cycle, which also leads to an increase in fertility, making it especially for women who suffer from these problems and who wish to conceive, helping them significantly to improve their quality of life.

      Essential aspects of Composor 27 Periodol Complex from Soria Natural

      • It is a product based on the chasteberry plant of completely natural origin
      • Helps regulate the menstrual cycle
      • Improves fertility
      • Helps fight conditions such as premenstrual syndrome
      • Improves overall performance
      • Relieves symptoms related to menstruation
      • It is quickly absorbed and easy to take
      • Suitable for vegans and vegetarians

      What is in each shot of Composor 27 Periodol Complex from Soria Natural ?

      This fantastic supplement comes in a liquid presentation, for better absorption, also with a built-in dispenser, which offers the perfect dose, in the same way it is a natural product with standardized ingredients from the fields of Soria, without pesticides or components harmful to health , making it more effective, reliable and safe when consuming.

      Contains the ideal amount of fluid extract of chasteberry (Vitex agnus-castus L, fruit), zinc gluconate, vitamin B6, among other ingredients.

      What is achieved with Composor 27 Periodol Complex from Soria Natural ?

      Its unique and special formula based on natural chasteberry, makes it one of the best supplements available, since it has an excellent regulatory action that helps combat conditions related to menstruation, such as irregularity in menstrual cycles and symptoms related to this such as breast tenderness, it also improves fertility effectively, making it ideal for women who want to conceive, helping them to know which days are most prone to ovulation; It is definitely a supplement that will give you the optimal well-being you need to achieve a better quality of life.

      Composor 27 Periodol Complex from Soria Natural is ideal for women who have irregular menstrual cycles and those who suffer from premenstrual syndrome, it is also ideal for women seeking to conceive, since it effectively improves fertility, it is also a supplement that collaborates with a healthy and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Don't wait any longer and buy it right now!

      How to consume Composor 27 Periodol Complex from Soria Natural?

      • Take 1 ml (approximately 20-25 drops) diluted in water
      • Consume at any time
      • Take 2 times a day
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