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Dopabean - 60 capsules

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The new Dopabean from Solaray food supplement is an extraordinary natural product based on mucuna pruriens, which is a plant also known as velvet bean. This ingredient is naturally rich in l-DOPA, an amino acid precursor to dopamine, an important neurotransmitter that also improves the mood.

      DopaBean from Solaray is the 100% natural food supplement that will help you improve your movement and mood, stimulating dopamine in your body.

      Dopabean from Solaray is a 100% natural food supplement whose main objective is the stimulation of dopamine, a neurotransmitter recognized for its impact on mood, pleasure, movement, among other properties.

      Dopabean from Solaray contains, as a fundamental ingredient, the seed extract of the mucuna pruriens. This wonderful plant has been proven to be a good natural source of l-Dopa, an amino acid whose main role is to be the precursor to dopamine. By stimulating the production and release of this important brain chemical, a release of dopamine is guaranteed to help you in the aforementioned areas and many others, while at the same time giving you a pleasant feeling of well-being.

      Dopamine is also known for providing happiness and pleasure to your body. This is because dopamine is present during pleasant moments of happiness or pleasure; where in fact, dopamine is responsible for causing these effects. However, this neurotransmitter is also deeply involved in the movement. Dopamine levels in the brain have been shown to have a direct effect on movement, where in fact, the loss of this substance can cause motor problems; in other words, body movements as serious as Parkinson's disease. Dopabean from Solaray is made in such a way that the levels of dopamine in the brain can be stimulated naturally and spontaneously, improving the health in this physical aspect.

      In addition, Dopabean from Solaray can also improve sexuality. This is mainly because, as we have already seen, its main function is to promote the production of dopamine, which is directly responsible for the sense of pleasure. When stimulating this neurotransmitter during sexual activity, pleasure during the sexual act is maximized, allowing it to be enjoyed even more than in conditions where dopamine is at lower levels.

      Facts of DopaBean from Solaray:

      • Promotes better motor performance, improving body movements.
      • Revitalizes dopamine production.
      • Improves sexual activity.
      • Helps improve moods.
      • Provides a pleasant feeling of well-being.
      • 100% natural food supplement.
      • Contains no side effects.
      • Suitable for any adult person.
      • Comes in practical vegetarian capsules.

      Contents per each capsule:

      • 333 mg of mucuna pruriens extract.
      • 5 mg of alpha galactosidase.

      Mucuna pruriens is referred to as a natural herbal supplement originating from ancient Indian medical practices although it is technically a legume that grows in the tropics. This adaptogen can be used to lower stress, reduce anxiety, improve focus, boost libido and improve mood.

      DopaBean from Solaray is the food supplement you really need to improve your mood, promote a more pleasant sexuality or keep the body function in optimal conditions in terms of movement. Do not wait any longer, DopaBean from Solaray is your best 100% natural option.

      Recommended direction: as a food supplement, take 1 vegetarian capsule of DopaBean from Solaray daily, preferably out of meals.

      Customer reviews: Dopabean - 60 capsules

      1 Reviews
      It is more than essential whether you are an athlete or not to take a supplement of this type since at a digestive level it is more important than it seems if you want to enjoy that general well-being that this product gives you and at a very good price I did not expect less
      60 capsules
      Questions and answers
      Can Dopabean help with some of the symptoms experienced with Parkinson's disease ? Especially tremor in the hand.
      2023-05-22 14:41:35 Ron Watson
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      Tengo síndrome de piernas inquietas y tomo Ropinirol para ello. DOPABEAN sería bueno para ello? Me han dicho que los frijoles aterciopelado o mucuna puriens ORGANICA Sería bueno para SPI. Cuando haría efecto. Gracias
      2023-05-20 17:11:53 Teresa
      Buenas tardes,te recomendaría que consultes con tu médico si puedes tomar este tipo de suplementos.
      2023-05-20 17:16:52 CRISTOBAL
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