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The Solaray brand was founded in 1973, in Utah. It is a pioneer brand in the encapsulation of products based on mixtures of herbal extracts.

It has been more than 40 years since Solaray created its current logo with the Rainbow, an image that reflects the brand's commitment to creating natural products that help improve and increase quality of life.

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8% dtoBromelain - 60 capsules
Bromelain - 60 capsulesDigestive
Bromelain from Solaray is a fantastic highly nutritious food supplement based on Bromelain...
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Wild yam root - 60 capsules
Wild Yam Root - 60 capsulesDigestive
Wild Yam Root from Solaray is special for those women who suffer from premenstrual syndrome...
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Red yeast rice 600mg - 45 vegetarian capsules
Red Rice Yeast 600 mg - 45 vegetarian capsulesCholesterol
Red Rice Yeast 600 mg from Solaray is a supplement that must be taken daily in order to...
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Berberine - 60 vegetarian capsules
Berberine - 60 vegetarian capsulesImmunological System
Berberine from Solaray is a new and effective high-quality food supplement made from...
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Mushroom complete - 60 vegetarian capsules
Mushroom Complete - 60 vegetarian capsulesImmunological System
Mushroom Complete from Solaray is a product that combines up to 8 types of ecologically grown...
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L-methionine 500mg - 30 capsules
L-methionine 500mg - 30 capsulesOther Aminoacids
Solaray L-Methionine 500 mg is a nutritional supplement that provides the amino acid methionine...
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Dopabean - 60 capsules
Dopabean - 60 capsulesDigestive
The new Dopabean from Solaray food supplement is an extraordinary natural product based on...
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Lipo Vitamin C 400mg - 100 vegetarian capsules
Liposomal Vitamin C 500 mg - 100 vegetarian capsulesVitamine C
Liposomal Vitamin C 500 mg from Solaray is an incredible supplement that will deeply...
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Vitamin b12 1000mcg - 90 cherry lozenges
Vitamin b12 1000mcg - 90 cherry lozengesVitamin B
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Vitamin d3 & k2 - 60 vegetarian capsules
Vitamin d3 & k2 - 60 vegetarian capsulesVitamina D
Solaray Vitamin D3 & K2 by Solaray is a nutritional supplement based on a combination of...
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Vitamin d3 400iu - 120 sofgels
Vitamin d3 400iu - 120 sofgelsVitamina D
Vitamin D3 400IU from Solaray is a food supplement made from fish liver oil, which provides the...
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Solaray has tried all this time to maintain unmatched quality, service, innovation and purity, and all this at a great price. They currently manufacture plant-based products, herbal combinations, and a full line of specialized vitamins, minerals, and supplements, well suited to vegan and vegetarian standards."

Solaray is the flagship brand of the Nutraceutical business group, with nearly 1,000 products, offering a complete line of herbs, herbal extracts, vitamins, and minerals, as well as special ingredients, such as amino acids, probiotics, enzymes, etc.

Solaray products are easily recognizable, due to the simplicity of its label, and clean white background, and the characteristic rainbow of the logo. The color of the cap also characterizes the products, depending on the category to which the product belongs. For example, the green cap refers to products containing herbal extracts, while the blue cap represents the mixture of herbal extracts.