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Water loss - 120 vegetarian caps

9/10 75

Water Loss from Smart Supplements, is a food supplement based on dry Ext. orthosiphon leaves, dry Ext. meadowsweet flower, dry Ext. dandelion root, dry Ext. onion fruit, dry Ext. false juniper fruit, Ext. dried aerial part of horsetail and potassium gluconate. It also has a vegetable coating in its capsules.

    • Gluten FreeGluten Free
    • VeganVegan
    • Lactose FreeLactose Free

      Water Loss from Smart Supplements

      • Ingredients selected for greater effectiveness.

      Smart Supplements Water Loss Key Ingredients

      Water Loss from Smart Supplements contains a combination of carefully selected ingredients.

      • Dry ext. orthosiphon leaves (Ortosiphon stamineus) 0.1% sinensetin
      • Dry ext. meadowsweet flower (Spiraea ulmaria) 0.2% alkaloids
      • Dry ext. dandelion root (Taraxacum officinalis) 2% inulin
      • Dry ext. fruit onion (Allium cepa)
      • Ext. dry false juniper fruit (Juniperus communis)
      • Dry ext. aerial part of horsetail (Equisetum arvensis) 2% silica
      • potassium gluconate

      Water Loss has a vegetable coating in its capsules, which makes it suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

      Why buy Water Loss from Smart Supplements?

      • Selected ingredients of high quality and effectiveness
      • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

      How is Water Loss taken?

      • It is recommended to take 1 capsule a day.

      Water Loss from Smart Supplements. Take advantage of our special offers and safe and urgent shipments at MASmusculo.com!

      Customer reviews: Water loss - 120 vegetarian caps

      75 Reviews
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      As a diuretic it works very well, I usually take it before the summer for 3 months, very very good.
      120 vegetarian caps
      After all, it is a mixture of plants that act as a natural diuretic. It is acceptable because of the bad reputation these products have
      120 vegetarian caps
      It helps a lot to retain fluids, it shows in my ankles and I also go to the bathroom more when I use it
      120 capsules
      It is a mixture of plants that act as a natural diuretic to release the liquids that cost the most
      120 vegetarian caps
      a good diuretic but the truth is that sometimes with so many brands I don't know which one to choose or it will work well
      120 capsules
      This natural diuretic works well, I notice that I go to the bathroom more and that I am removing liquids
      120 vegetarian caps
      Natural supplement that helps me eliminate fluids, I usually use it for two weeks and rest and I use it again so I always notice results.
      120 capsules
      As a diuretic, one of the most effective that I have tried, on top of that, at a much better price than the others.
      120 capsules
      This diuretic from the Smart brand is great for me, I take it two shots distributed throughout the day, accompanying 2 liters of water a day.
      120 capsules
      It has gone quite well for me, it has many plants that are diuretic but without having to be based on infusions all day
      120 capsules
      I am honestly not in favor of diuretics because in supplements they are not as effective as in pharmacy but the latter are more dangerous
      120 vegetarian caps
      a diuretic that fulfills its role since it is helping me to eliminate a lot of water that I have left over
      120 capsules
      Good diuretic, quality price I think it is the best, I take it at specific times of the year
      120 vegetarian caps
      good product and good quality, the truth is that it is a good maraca and that shows good assimilation and result. I will buy it again uigi
      120 vegetarian caps
      good diuretic that fulfills its role and the truth is that I have tried others and I have to admit that they have not gone bad for me but I hope much more from this
      120 capsules
      good diuretic that fulfills its role and the truth is that I have tried others and I have to admit that they have not gone bad for me but I hope much more from this
      120 capsules
      good diuretic that the truth is that it fulfills its function and at a good price highly recommended!!!
      120 capsules
      the truth is that I have to admit that to eliminate that excess water goes very well, with smart happy
      120 vegetarian caps
      A product that, despite its modest price, exceeds expectations. I used it recently for a photoshoot and it was great! : D
      120 capsules
      I like to include a mixture of diuretic plants when the summer season arrives to release liquid and this is fulfilling its mission
      120 vegetarian caps
      Questions and answers
      Hola, que puede pasas si tomo las capsulas por mas de 6 semanas? cuales son las contraindicaciones? Gracias, Silvia
      2023-05-20 15:29:50 silvia
      hola silvia no puede generarte ningun efecto secundario ya que como tal no es un farmaco por lo tanto que puedes tomarlo con ese tiempo prolongado y mas,gracias y un saludo
      2023-05-22 10:28:44 SALVA VALENCIA
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      Hola me gustaría saber q precio tiene en moneda colombiana
      2023-01-15 20:48:27 Josefa
      Hola Josefa, gracias por tu pregunta. El precio del producto Water Loss - 120 Cápsulas vegetales en moneda colombiana es de 50.751,203125. Espero que esta información te sea útil. Si tienes alguna otra pregunta relacionada con la nutrición, no dudes en contactarme. ¡Que tengas un buen día!
      2023-01-16 09:24:29 Rafael
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