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The Smart Shake company is of Swedish origin and started in 2009. Its specialty is the design and manufacture of shakers for energy and protein shakes. Immersed in the "Athleisure" trend, its products are versatile, and can be used both on a day-to-day basis and in sports practice. One of their qualities is that they use plastics devoid of BPA and DEHP, so they meet health standards. Company that mixes design and versatility in its products.

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Lanyard + GymCard
Lanyard + GymCardOther Accessories
With Lanyard+gymcard by SmartShake you will carry the keys, and gym access card all in one! It...
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Smartshake revive - 750ml
Smartshake Revive - 750 mlSpecial Shakers
Smartshake Revive from Smart Shake is a great accessory that will help you prepare your...
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Smartshake lite - 1000 ml
Smartshake Lite - 1000 mlShaker
Smartshake™ Lite is a functional and ergonomic mixer for smoothies and sports drinks, with a...
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Smart shake lite camo edition - 1000ml
Smart shake lite camo edition - 1000mlShaker
Smart shake lite camo edition is a wonderful and practical utensil, which will allow you to...
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Shaker original 2go - 600ml
Original 2GO Shaker - 600 mlSpecial Shakers
Original 2GO Shaker from Smart Shake is an incredible sports accessory that will allow you to...
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39% dtoSmart Shaker SLIM 500ml
Smart Shaker SLIM 500mlSpecial Shakers
With its two storage compartments and a thin grip SmartShake offers a versatile shaker that is...
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This company is of Swedish origin and began operations in 2009, being Mikael Bergströmuno one of its founders and current CEO (Chief Executive Order). Its main headquarters is located in the city of in the city of Västerås. Likewise, it has an important subsidiary in the United States in the town of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This shows that it has expanded internationally, currently having distributors in more than 90 countries around the world.

Since its inception, this company has specialized in the design and manufacture of shakers to prepare energy and protein shakes. These are containers where preparations can be added and mixed by shaking vigorously. It can be said that Smart Shake make a very particular bet. His intention is that his products go beyond their original function and can be versatile, not pigeonholed in the sports field.

The aforementioned is a trend known as “Athleisure”. This word arises from the combination of the words Athlete (Athlete) and Leisure (Free time). It refers to the tendency to use sportswear outside the gym and as part of the day-to-day outfit. In other words, wearing sportswear as casual clothing, in informal work meetings and for daily activities.

The notion of "Athleisure" expands to athletes' supplements, which is an aspect that the Smart Shake company seeks to exploit in its products. That is why its containers are not only used or used as cocktail shakers for people who do physical training. Equally used are lunch boxes, water bottles, snack boxes, coffee mugs and much more.

A relevant fact is that Smart Shake Original won the award for the best product in the Fitness and Health category awarded by the international fair ISPORT (International Sports Platform for Business) between the years 2015/2016. It is one of the most important sporting events in the world and where the cocktail shakers of this company have managed to stand out.

The containers of this company are offered in five different lines, these being the following: “Original Series”, “Original2Go Series”, “Lite Series”, “Slim Series” and “Signature Series”. In addition, they have expanded their offerings with products such as backpacks, neck straps, lunch boxes, water bottles, snack boxes, coffee mugs and many more.

An important fact is that all of its Smart Shake products are made with BPA (Bisphenol A) and DEHP (i-2-ethylhexyl phthalate) free materials. These are substances used to harden plastic and have been shown to be highly toxic. In addition, they are very versatile, since they can be cleaned in a sink, placed in a microwave or placed inside a refrigerated cellar. This makes them ideal for kitchen and general household uses.