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Balsamic Sauce 0% - 305 ml

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Balsamic Sauce from Servivita is a product that will give a touch of exquisiteness and fascination to your meats, salads, vegetables, rice, among other recipes, since it is made with the must and the cooking of the grapes, therefore, it has a color intense very nice and a pretty sweet taste, which combines perfect to exploit the true flavor of your appetizing meals.

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    Balsamic Sauce from Servivita gives your meals that touch of charm you are looking for.

    Balsamic Sauce from Servivita works like a super tasty dressing, with a subtly bitter and sweet flavor, which is applied in a magnificently exquisite way to season salads, vegetables, meat, among other preparations. In fact, it is one of the healthiest dressings available on the market, and its sweet flavor only comes from the natural sugars of the grapes used for its manufacture. It is also rich in minerals and many antioxidants.

    Balsamic Sauce from Servivita is a wonderful dressing that is produced essentially from the cooking and fermentation of grapes, for that reason, it acquires a very intense, dark color, and a splendidly delicious flavor, which, is used very frequently in the delicious recipes of the Mediterranean cuisine. This delicious balsamic sauce is used to flavor salads, but also meat dishes, vegetables, rice, among other recipes. Undoubtedly, the food is impregnated with its special flavor.

    On the other hand, Balsamic Sauce from Servivita is one of the best choices for dressing meals, since, coming only from natural grapes, it also incorporates certain benefits to food, such as a good and rich portion of minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, manganese and, finally, many antioxidants.

    Normally, other sauces are full of high amounts of refined sugar, however, this super appetizing balsamic sauce does not have any caloric percentage, so it becomes a much healthier and appropriate dressing option, either for dieters and those who want to keep their figure, for athletes, fitness enthusiasts or, in short, anyone who wants to enjoy more flavor in their meals, without feeling guilty.

    In addition, Balsamic Sauce from Servivita is a tasty and creamy dressing that has an attractive percentage of enzymes, so, when ingesting it, these act very pleasantly and subtly on the digestion, normalizing it and helping to enjoy the food even more.

    Facts of Balsamic Sauce from Servivita:

    • Exquisite sauce without calories and fat.
    • Rich in minerals and antioxidants.
    • Boosts the delicious taste of meals.
    • Acts nicely on digestion.

    This type of dressings can be found almost anywhere, however, this delicious balsamic sauce is super unique in its composition as it holds a respected quality certificate and, of course, is made in the healthiest way for your complete enjoyment.

    Go for it today! It is time to eat healthily but also deliciously. Balsamic Sauce from Servivita is one product that you can use on the preparation of any meal.

    Recommended use: sprinkle a small portion of this very delicious, healthy and rich balsamic sauce over the recipe you want to garnish, as for example, you can use it during the preparation of a salad, pan-fried vegetables, rice, meat, fish, among others.

    Customer reviews: Balsamic Sauce 0% - 305 ml

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    5 stars
    4 stars
    Great! I would buy it again.
    the best and healthiest sauces since with it you will be able to align your favorite diet foods with your sauces and at a good price
    the best and healthiest sauces since with it you will be able to align your favorite diet foods with your sauces and at a good price
    The servivita sauce is delicious and very healthy, I really did not expect less from this brand and the product
    Now you can have these sauces without sacrificing good flavor and with a totally 0 nutritional framework
    Pretty good, I would improve the density, but only because the flavors are good and I like them.
    Nothing to envy to the sauces full of calories that we buy in supermarkets and at a reasonable price.
    One of the most successful and richest sauces of Servivita, valid for all kinds of salads and especially vegetables. The price is very good, being the cheapest website where I have seen it. The shipment, despite the situation, was really fast and the next day I already had it at home! ^^
    delicious sauces and the truth with a very healthy aminographic profile without sugar or recommended salt
    good sauce, it is not one of the best I have tried from servivita but it was quite successful
    Of all the Servivita sauces that I have tried, without a doubt the best. The sweet touch that it brings to all the dishes is simply spectacular. I use it especially together with salads or with sauteed vegetables, and there is no color with respect to taking them without this sauce !! : D
    One of the best sauces that Servivita has. Although it may seem at first a "rare" sauce, it goes perfectly with salads, meats, vegetables ... Its use in a wide assortment of dishes makes it a staple of my monthly orders.
    Sevivita for me is undoubtedly the best brand of sauces, the healthiest and the one with the best percentages in nutritional values
    Sevivita for me is undoubtedly the best brand of sauces, the healthiest and the one with the best percentages in nutritional values
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