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Sculpt Open Innovation is a Spanish brand that produces and markets a wide line of styling products that help reduce body fat.

The Sculpt line includes thermo-active cosmetic creams that define abs, reducers, cellulite treatments, fat burners in pills and other products that improve body composition, shape the silhouette and help reduce centimeters.

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Squeeze hd - 60 softgels
Squeeze hd - 60 softgelsSculpt
Squeeze hd from Sculpt, your allly dietary supplement to lose weight, with an ideal natural...
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Pack celluless advanced + beaufit
Pack Celluless Advanced + BeaufitSculpt
Pack Celluless Advanced + Beaufit Sculpt is a promotional package containing two products that...
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25% dtoMelatonin - 90 chews
Melatonin - 90 tabletsSculpt
Melatonin by Sculpt is a nutritional supplement that helps you to sleep and rest better since it...
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9% dtoPack ABSteel Advanced + Beaufit Sculpt - 1
Pack ABSteel Advanced + BeaufitSculpt
Pack ABSteel Advanced + Beaufit Sculpt is an ideal promotional package for women, with two high...
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Beaufit - 80 caps
Beaufit - 80 capsulesSculpt
Beaufit from Sculpt is a 3 in 1 formula to lose weight healthily, for women or men, which helps...
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Absteel - 50ml
Absteel - 50mlSculpt
ABSteel Sculpt is an reduction advanced formula that fights cellulite, enhanced with the best...
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Celluless - 200 ml
Celluless - 200 mlSculpt
Celluless from Sculpt is an anti-cellulite gel with a reducing effect, designed especially for...
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Celluless - 50ml Sculpt - 1
Celluless - 50mlSculpt
Celluless from Sculpt is an anti-cellulite gel with a reducing effect, designed especially for...
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This brand has cosmetic reducers in versions for men and women. Absteel is a treatment for the loss of abdominal fat especially for males, while Celluless is a fat and cellulite reducer formulated especially for women.

Absteel is a reducing male cream with cold-heat effect that activates blood microcirculation to increase absorption and eliminate fat, reduce waist and improve muscle toning.

Absteel Advanced Formula is a male reducer reinforced with the best patents on the market, Actiporine 8G, Actisculpt and Bio Delgado.

Celluless is a reductive and anti-cellulite product for women. It provides an advanced formula that helps reduce the area of the abdomen, hips and buttocks, inhibiting and preventing the storage of fat in those difficult areas. In addition, this cream prevents fluid retention, combats cellulite and improves skin firmness.

Celluless Advanced is the advanced version, reinforced with the Actiporine 8G, Actisculpt and Bio Slim patents.

Sculpt also offers nutritional supplements to fight fats and benefit health, such as Squeeze, the 100% natural diuretic in capsules that prevents fluid retention and reduces centimeters quickly.

Beaufit is an antioxidant supplement that helps burn body fat, prevents fluid accumulation and improves skin firmness, with anti-rebound effect.

This is a 3 in 1 formula that helps to shape the silhouette. Contains ingredients proven to be satiating, which prevent cravings for sweet foods, increase energy and eliminate toxins from the body to lose weight in a healthy, fast and effective way.

Sculpt Open Innovation offers proven products, tested in laboratories. Thermoactive creams help to shape the silhouette in a very short time, thanks to its cold/heat effect that increases the absorption of the active principles, enhancing its effectiveness.

All Sculpt products are produced with the highest quality ingredients and proven effectiveness, patented formulas.