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Hot blood hardcore shot - 60ml

9/10 59

Hot Blood Hardcore Shot - 60ml, the perfect energy injection for your workouts, designed by Scitec Nutrition to boost your performance and endurance.

      Hot Blood Hardcore Shot: Intense energy for extreme workouts!

      Hot Blood Hardcore Shot is a concentrated pre-workout formula in liquid format that increases your energy levels, endurance and concentration during your workouts.

      Find out how Hot Blood Hardcore Shot can transform your workouts and change the way you approach your goals.

      • 400mg of caffeine per 60ml vial
      • Easy-to-consume liquid format
      • Sugarfree
      • With key ingredients to improve your performance

      Hot Blood Hardcore Shot in your workouts

      Hot Blood Hardcore Shot is perfect for those looking to improve their performance in the gym or any sporting activity. Its active ingredients, such as beta alanine, green tea extract, tyrosine, caffeine, and taurine, work in synergy to provide you with increased energy, stamina, and mental focus. Learn more about Pre Workout and Scitec Nutrition .

      • beta alanine
      • Green Tea Leaf Extract
      • tyrosine
      • Caffeine
      • Taurine

      • Increases energy and stamina
      • Improves concentration and mental focus
      • Contributes to a more intense and effective training

      Reasons to choose Hot Blood Hardcore Shot

      Hot Blood Hardcore Shot stands out for its ability to provide you with explosive and sustained energy, allowing you to face your workouts with greater intensity and concentration.

      • Easy and practical to consume
      • Great value for the price
      • Delicious flavors: apple pear and orange
      • Product Category: Pre Workout

      How is it taken?

      • Consume half a serving (30 ml) 15 minutes before exercise.
      • Consume the other half portion (30 ml) during exercise.
      • Be sure to shake well before consuming.

      Transform your workouts with Hot Blood Hardcore Shot - 60ml and take your performance to the next level. Get yours today at MASmusculo.com!

      Customer reviews: Hot blood hardcore shot - 60ml

      59 Reviews
      5 stars
      4 stars
      3 stars
      One last blow it gives you to train with a full tank of fuel. I have repeated several times
      This pre-workout is a real bomb, as soon as I take it I feel ready to train, no matter how exhausted I am.
      Hot Blood is one of my favorite pre-workouts because of how well it always activates me, I will continue using it
      Quite powerful. Reading some opinions I did not expect such an impact on my training.
      This is my favorite pre-workout because of how well it dissolves, the flavor it has, and the chestnut it gives you for training.
      Very good product, the truth is that the quality is noticeable and it is not expensive, this brand does not disappoint at the moment I will continue repeating ñklñl
      Very good product, the truth is, it shows, it is not expensive and this brand works, it does not usually disappoint. I will buy it again dfrtdy
      one of the pre-workouts that I have always liked to take since with it I am making my workouts a piece of cake
      I liked it a lot, personally I see a better formulation than the previous one. Good taste and price too.
      With this new formula I am taking it during training so it helps me finish the session with intensity until the end.
      Really intense, one of those pre-training that is noticeable, very good and I would recommend it without a doubt.
      I tried it recently and the truth is that it hits well, it does not give you that low after like others and the sensations are being good
      I tried it recently and the truth is that it hits well, it does not give you that low after like others and the sensations are being good
      I like this hot blood more than the classic one since I notice it much stronger, therefore I recommend it to you
      The formulation is less powerful compared to the previous one. It's not bad, but it was much better before.
      It has not finished convincing me by not noticing as much spark of energy and resistance as with the previous one. For me, a change for the worse.
      Very similar to the previous formulation, personally it continues to work wonderfully for the most demanding workouts.
      The new formulation convinces me, its effect is very similar to the previous one and it continues to work really well for the heaviest workouts.
      I see a better formulation now compared to the old one, I notice it much more, especially how well I recover between series.
      The pre-workout is good, but the previous formulation convinced me more, it is more powerful.
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