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HOS Black Edition - 25 days

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It regulates hormonal activity, promotes the metabolism of steroid hormones. It stimulates muscle growth, accelerates fat burning. It supports the energy metabolism, the functioning of the nervous and immune system.

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    Facts of HOS Cycle 25 Days from Scitec: 

    • Regulates hormonal activity
    • Improves the metabolism of steroid hormones
    • Stimulates muscle growth
    • Accelerates fat burning
    • Increases energy
    • Increases strength
    • Improves concentration
    • Improves sexual health
    • Prevents water retention
    • Completely natural product 

    HOS from Scitec Nutrition: Optimized Hormone Support.

    HOS from Scitec Nutrition is a supplement consisting of a system integrated by DAA Pro, Diabolica and Eztrodim.

    It regulates hormonal activity, promotes the metabolism of steroid hormones, increases protein synthesis, supports energy supply, fat burning, nervous and immune system functioning. DAA Pro contains D-aspartic acid (DAA) with N, N-dimethylglycine, pantothenic acid and zinc. Eztrodim is an array of plant extracts with quercetin, mangosteen, green tea, grape seed extract, red clover extract and resveratrol. Diabolica includes 7 high-end ingredients (HMB, Essential Amino Acids, Beta Ecdysterone, Herbal Extracts and Vitamin B6). Eztrodim is a matrix of plant extracts with quercetin, mangosteen, green tea extract, grape seed, red clover extract and resveratrol, among others.

    HOS from Scitec Nutrition is a product that combines the most powerful formulas for the maintenance of testosterone, balancing the hormones, stimulating the growth of lean muscle mass, increasing strength and promoting performance. DAA Pro is a formula that provides scientifically proven ingredients. It provides zinc, the mineral that helps maintain testosterone, supports muscle growth, strength and fertility. Pantothenic acid promotes the metabolism of steroid hormones and neurotransmitters, as well as vitamin D.

    Diabolica is a high-powered complex that optimizes hormone activity, protein synthesis and energy supply. This ingredient prevents water retention, supports glycogen synthesis, the nervous system and immune system functioning. Eztrodim 6 is a special matrix made up of herbal extracts such as quercetin, mangosteen, green tea, grape seed extract, red clover extract and resveratrol, among others. Quercetin raises nitric oxide and increases delivery of nutrients to muscles, stimulates muscle growth and speeds up fat burning. The mangosteen is antioxidant, it increases energy, helps lose weight, fights fat and supports heart and digestive health.

    HOS from Scitec Nutrition is a supplement consisting of a system consisting of DAA Pro, Diabolica and Eztrodim, three ingredients of proven effectiveness that regulate hormonal activity, promote muscle growth, support athlete's health and performance.

    Customer reviews: HOS Black Edition - 25 days

    15 Reviews
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    4 stars
    Fiz dois ciclos com este produto tive resultados espetaculares fui fazer um ciclo com o animal test para ver se subia mais um degrau na construçao muscular depois desse ciclo so fiquei a pensar que este hos poe o animal test a um canto. este produto em termos de preço e resultados é para ficar fiel sem duvida mas claro cada pessoa é um caso. para mim HOS a primeira escolha sempre. Bons treinos
    Muy buen producto. No se lo aconsejo a principiantes porque no sacarian todo el potencial al producto pero tomado lo con buen forma fisica y disciplina de trabajo y dieta notaras una gran mejora
    With the product you get the benefits it offers, it shows if it is used correctly, the good thing is that everything is very well explained and very easy
    My coach recommended it to me and I have been using it for two months, and they are giving me good results
    After a while of use I can say with certainty that it is not noticeable Do not expect drastic changes either, but I give it a good score
    It works very well since I am noticing the effect from the beginning in terms of volume, I recommend it
    a good promoter of growth hormone but taking into account that it is a sports supplement
    Good hormonal pro for men, my boyfriend has been very good and I plan to buy another box
    I have only one and now I will start the second month, it shows a lot, more muscle quality and strength improvement in training, waiting if the results continue.
    growth hormone trigger that the truth is that it works very well but it is a supplement that works in the long term
    The product has gone very well, both my strength and my recovery have been enhanced, and aesthetically I see a very considerable improvement.
    The truth is that I am not a supporter of the famous percussionists or anabolics but after what they have told me about this product I am going to try to see
    The truth is that I am not a supporter of the famous percussionists or anabolics but after what they have told me about this product I am going to try to see
    A classic that has been on the market for a long time and continues to give excellent results, highly recommended
    Questions and answers
    Buenas, con este producto puedo seguir tomando vit D? O ya lleba? Y otra duda es si le puedo añadir una capsula de hmb de iogenix en el entreno porque veo que lleva poca cantidad,gracias un saludo
    2023-03-23 15:32:45 Keldi
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    Hola este producto es recomendable para mujeres o me recomiendas otro,muchas gracias.
    2022-11-30 08:52:07 tamy
    hola tamy si este producto lo puede tomar la mujer pero mayor efectividad y que progreses a nivel muscular te recomiendo mas elk bikini pro de iogenix,gracias y un saludo
    2022-11-30 09:31:56 SALVA VALENCIA
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    Hola acabo de terminar el primer ciclo de hos puedo tomar otro ciclo después de una semana de descanso y si puede combinarlos con zma o clear muscle gracia por todo
    2022-10-31 17:19:38 Achraf
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    Se puede tomar el hos. si estoy tomando pastillas de la depresión?
    2022-08-28 03:14:25 Josr
    Hola Josr Consultelo con su médico Saludos
    2022-08-29 10:14:06 Masmusculo
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    Buenas, este producto esta retirado por algun motivo? O simplemente no teneis y volvereis a tener en stoc?gracias!
    2022-05-23 14:16:01 Mike
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