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100% Whey Protein Professional - 2350g

9/10 49

Whey Profess from SCI is a nutritional supplement that supports the growth of muscle mass, strengthens bones and muscles.

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  • Gluten FreeGluten Free
  • Palm oil freePalm oil free
  • Size per dose
    Size per dose
    25.0 One service
  • What do you take it for?
    What do you take it for?
    Recuperacion y desarrollo muscular
  • How is it taken?
    How is it taken?
    With water or milk
  • How many times?
    How many times?
    Once or twice a day
  • When should it be taken?
    When should it be taken?
    After training
  • Usos
    Gain muscle mass Recovery

100% Whey Protein Professional from Scitec Nutrition: Extreme power of muscles and bones

100% Whey Protein Professional from Scitec Nutrition is a nutritional supplement that supports the growth of muscle mass, strengthens bones and muscles.

100% whey protein concentrate and isolate, with a complete matrix of amino acids and digestive enzymes. Optimal performance and absorption, very varied and delicious flavors.

100% Whey Protein Professional from Scitec Nutrition is a nutritional supplement that supports the growth of muscle mass, protects bones and muscles.

It provides 100% excellent quality whey protein from whey protein concentrate and isolate, with a complete matrix of amino acids and digestive enzymes.

It provides 9 essential amino acids that the body can not produce: isoleucine, leucine, histidine, lysine, phenylalanine, methionine, threonine, tryptophan and valine, L-leucine more, L-glutamine and taurine.

100% Whey Protein Professional from Scitec Nutrition has a balanced formula of high quality whey protein with a complete array of amino acids and a mixture of two digestive enzymes, papain and bromelain.

Disponible en una variadísima gama de sabores deliciosos, como Choco-crema galleta, Choco-coco, Choco-avellana, Choco-crema de cacahuete Fresa-choco blanco, Choco-frambuesa, Vainilla con frutas del bosque, Plátano, Canela-choco blanco-moca, Fresa, Miel con vainilla, entre muchos otros.

Available in a varied range of delicious flavors such as Choco-cream biscuit, Choco-coco, Choco-hazelnut, Choco peanut butter, Choco-Strawberry-white, Choco-raspberry, Vanilla with berries, Banana, Cinnamon-choco white- mocha, Strawberry, Honey with vanilla, among many others.


Facts of 100% Whey Protein Professional from Scitec Nutrition:

  • Improves muscle mass growth
  • Protects muscles
  • Protects Bones
  • With a complete matrix of amino acids
  • High quality, prepared by Scitec Nutrition


100% Whey Protein Professional from Scitec Nutrition is a high quality product, produced by Scitec, the European company with international scope. All products are formulated to deliver results by a group of European scientists experts in physiology, sports science and biology, working in their plants Pro-LAB, developing next generation products based on the latest scientific research.

Recommended use: As a dietary supplement take 1 dose in 250 ml of water, milk or fruit juice at any time of day or after exercise.

Customer reviews: 100% Whey Protein Professional - 2350g

49 Reviews
5 stars
4 stars
3 stars
Very good, I will buy it.
My body’s going to absorb the good.
Good Protein for all day. That's my favourite. I bought it with an excellet offer, the best one that I found
great taste, price and energy for these fantastic proteins! i am trying them during hard and intense workouts, they really give you benefits! try them!!
Very good protein. As the comments say, the coconut chocolate flavor is spectacular, it is literally a powdered bounty.
No flavor of this protein disappoints, surprised by the almond-pistachio flavor, very pleasant to drink.
Although the design of the packaging has changed, the quality and taste of this protein does not change, being my reference protein since I started in this world years ago.
Good protein, to highlight the flavors above all, I have already tried several such as chocolate with coconut and vanilla and they are very good
The best flavors of protein, for me this brand has them without a doubt, hazelnut chocolate is my weakness.
Very good protein with good flavors, I have tried the chocolate and vanilla and everything is perfect
It doesn't leave a trace of lumps and it's making me feel luxurious. Mention aside the flavor, probably the protein with the most successful flavor.
The best thing is how good it feels because of the digestive enzymes it contains, that's why I buy it
the famous mythic whey concentrate from scitec and that works well although they have remodeled the product
I took a chance with the almond and pistachio flavor and the truth is I loved it. For the rest, a protein, as always, excellent.
The flavor is a ten, very successful and very similar to the bounty chocolate. On a general level, it also feels good and is easy to digest.
Spectacular chocolate flavor, that does feel slightly heavy in the stomach, nothing exaggerated, but that's how I feel it.
Recommended price quality. What I like most about Scitec whey is that they have a wide variety of flavors.
With some very good macros in terms of percentage of fat, carbohydrates and protein, the coconut chocolate flavor is brutal
great, I loved the taste of white chocolate with strawberry, it's luxurious, very good composition
Questions and answers
Hola buenas tardes, los días que no entreno también se debe de tomar o no?
2023-01-20 18:22:02 Wanda Tigreros
Buenas tardes,puedes usarlo perfectamente los días de descanso si necesitas complementar tu alimentación.
2023-01-20 18:23:34 CRISTOBAL
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Hola buenas, nunca he tomado nada y me gustaría saber cuál me vendría mejor para las actividades que desempeño, CrossFit, pesas y cardio...de momento hago tres veces a la semana, saludos,
2022-06-19 15:50:59 Ángel
Hola Angel Las proteinas reparan el musculo, independientemente de la actividad fisica que haga. No respondemos cuestiones relacionadas con los dias que realiza actividad fisica. Saludos
2022-06-20 10:12:41 Masmusculo
hola angel atu pregunta debe de ser esenciales varios factores como que morfologia eres que objetivo quieres si aumento de peso corporal o reduccion de peso para orientarte un poco aunque tengo pocos datos el concentrado al llevar al llevar mas hidratos y azucares te podria servir para coger algo de masa o peso y el aislado para epocas de deficion tu decides,gracias
2022-06-20 10:13:52 SALVA VALENCIA
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Hola buenas, nunca he tomado nada, soy nuevo en este "mundo"...he empezado hacer CrossFit cual me vendría mejor y que cantidad debería tomar con 74 kgs que peso? Espero respuesta, saludos...
2022-06-19 10:33:36 Ángel
Hola Angel No respondemos cuestiones relacionadas con su dieta, consulte con su dietista la cantidad de proteina que debe llevar en su dieta. Saludos
2022-06-20 10:10:36 Masmusculo
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Esta ptoteína é isolada?
2022-04-29 17:02:41 António Carvalho
hola antonio esta proteina es concentrado de suero,un saludo y gracias
2022-04-29 17:34:25 SALVA VALENCIA
Add a response
Cuando tengo que tomarlo y qué cantidad, yo entreno a las 19:00
2022-04-05 00:23:02 Jose
Buenos días,toma un batido después del entrenamiento y puedes meter otro batido a lo largo del día si fuera necesario para complementar tu alimentación,usa el dosificador que lleva dentro y metes un cazo por batido.
2022-04-05 09:38:00 Joan
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