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Whey professional 2.0 - 2kg

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Whey Professional 2.0 from Scientific Nutrition is a food preparation that constitutes 100% whey protein concentrate from the Lacprodan® brand. Enriched with the Digezyme® enzyme complex; Therefore, it is a formula specially designed to help the growth and development of muscle mass, good performance during training and optimal recovery after exercise.

      Whey Professional 2.0 from Scientific Nutrition

      • It is a high-quality food preparation, made from 100% Lacprodan® whey protein concentrate. Enriched with Digezyme®.

      • Protein from milk is considered of high biological value due to its excellent aminogram, since it has all the essential amino acids that the muscle needs for its proper functioning and development.

      What is Scientific Nutrition Whey Professional 2.0 taken for?

      • Helps the growth, development and maintenance of muscle mass.

      • Contributes to proper muscle recovery after intense exercise.

      • Helps improve strength and endurance when training.

      • It generally contributes to good sports performance.

      Why buy Whey Professional 2.0 ?

      • It has the highest quality whey protein concentrate from the renowned Lacprodan® brand.

      • It comes enriched with Digezyme®, a proprietary blend of digestive enzymes including: alpha amylase, lactase, lipase, protease, and cellulase. Thus improving its digestion, absorption and bioavailability.

      • It is a powder that dissolves easily.

      • It comes in different and delicious flavors to choose from.

      • Ideal for sportsmen and athletes.

      How do you take Whey Professional 2.0 ?

      • Take 1 scoop (50 gr approx.) mixed with 300 ml of water, before and after exercise.

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      Customer reviews: Whey professional 2.0 - 2kg

      4 Reviews
      5 stars
      4 stars
      Spectacular this protein, it was about time you added it to the catalog. Quality price of ten!
      Right now it is one of the best proteins available on the web, both by assimilation and by taste. If you buy, you will repeat for sure.
      New protein from Scitec. Highly recommended value for money. In addition to the fact that the flavors are very successful.
      The format spreads a lot, it is a top quality protein and the cookie flavor is tremendous!
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