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Lifting gloves platinum 530

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Schiek Platinum Gloves are extraordinary gloves for weightlifting athletes, made with excellent technology and high-quality materials, which protect your hands from being abused by constant grip on bars and other weightlifting instruments. Its firm, comfortable grip and patented design fins make it the ideal glove for your workouts.

      Protect your hands and improve your grip during weightlifting with the extraordinary Platinum Gloves from Schiek.

      To guarantee good hand care, Schiek's Platinum Gloves have been manufactured, extraordinary gloves that, in addition to having a magnificent design, are made with resistant materials, and with high technology that guarantee excellent complete protection of your hands during the training. With the Platinum Gloves from Schiek, you will be able to take care of your hands even when subjecting them to a constant and heavy grip; Even in these conditions, Schiek's Platinum Gloves guarantee effective protection.

      Schiek Platinum Gloves are made of high-quality synthetic leather, which stands out for offering great comfort when used, and which is also a material that is characterized by being extremely light, which at the same time favors the passage of air inside. , that is, it is a breathable material. The design of the Schiek Platinum Gloves is made to maintain a perfect balance between durability and elegance. Its fins have a patented design that makes it easy to put them on and take them off your hand, and they also guarantee a perfect grip on your hand, always keeping them in the right position. The entire grip area of the gloves, both on the palm and on the fingers, is padded to offer greater comfort to the user. Schiek's Platinum Gloves are extremely resistant, so you can subject them to intense and demanding training with the certainty that they will adequately resist stress and weight. The thumb area is made and designed with Keystone technology, which guarantees a perfect fit in this area, to improve grip.

      Schiek Platinum Gloves are your best ally when it comes to protecting your hands during your weightlifting workouts. They are highly resistant, durable and with technology that improves grip, while ensuring a better fit in your hands. With the Schiek Platinum Gloves you will be able to train much better without feeling discomfort in your hands that can damage or mistreat them.

      Schiek Platinum Gloves

      • Improves grip when training
      • They are extremely comfortable
      • Fits perfectly in your hands
      • Protect your hands from being abused by the weight
      • With patented design fins
      • They are padded for comfort
      • Made with breathable material
      • It has double stitching
      • it is washable

      Schiek's Platinum Gloves are especially aimed at bodybuilding and fitness athletes, who regularly subject their hands to the constant grip of weight that can damage unprotected hands during training.

      Recommended use of the Schiek Platinum Gloves

      As training gloves during weightlifting exercises. Place and fit snugly in your hand every time you use the gym machines or lift weights.

      Customer reviews: Lifting gloves platinum 530

      28 Reviews
      5 stars
      4 stars
      I love these gloves, I couldn't train without them anymore, I've gotten used to having them.The quality is very good and the robustness too, that's why they have the price they have, but they are gloves that can last you a long time if you use them correctly and you take good care of them. One hundred percent recommended.
      Lifting gloves platinum 530
      They are great they are comfortable they look good material but the price may be a little high, but hey, I like them
      I love these gloves, I couldn't train without them anymore, I've gotten used to having them.The quality is very good and the robustness too, that's why they have the price they have, but they are gloves that can last you a long time if you use them correctly and you take good care of them. One hundred percent recommended.
      Lifting gloves platinum 530
      gloves of the highest quality it shows that this brand is very top I am very happy with the purchase
      Lifting gloves platinum 530
      High price but worth it, very comfortable, it is seen to be made of a resistant material and they protect the hand area well.
      Lifting gloves platinum 530
      Economically there are cheaper but these gloves are of quality, good material and durable, I prefer to spend more now than having to buy gloves every two months.
      Lifting gloves platinum 530
      Without a doubt the best gloves I have ever bought, it is worth spending that extra money for the great quality
      gloves of the highest quality I have to admit that for me schiek is the best brand of accessories
      Very good, they adapt very well to the wrist. They have good touch and are very very resistant. recommended
      Lifting gloves platinum 530
      Nothing to do with the other gloves, the quality is noticeable, it is far from the usual ones that you can buy anywhere, great.
      Lifting gloves platinum 530
      Spectacular gloves, I have had them for a year and they are amazing, they also look like they are for life. Quality.
      Lifting gloves platinum 530
      Lifting gloves platinum 530
      schiek will always be one of the best absessory brands on the market, I know they are more expensive but they are worth it
      Lifting gloves platinum 530
      These are the highest quality gloves I have ever used and you can tell that this brand is very top, it is worth what it costs
      Lifting gloves platinum 530
      Delighted with the purchase, very comfortable and they protect the area of calluses very well, a material that shows that it is resistant.
      I was looking for quality gloves and I decided on these because the price was also reasonable and I am happy with the choice
      Lifting gloves platinum 530
      How well these gloves are going, as you can see that they are extreme quality and sometimes the good is worth expensive
      Good gloves are very good and of quality I have nothing bad to say. Great delivery service, hassle free
      Lifting gloves platinum 530
      I gave these gloves to my friend since they are of good quality and when you lift a lot of weight they do not slip as happens with other types of gloves.
      I bought them without knowing the brand and they show that they are of high quality, hence their price is somewhat higher than the rest
      Lifting gloves platinum 530
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