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Gallexier herbal infusion - 15 sachets

Gallexier Herbal Infusion of Salus is a food supplement that contains 9 medicinal plants that help to take care of digestive health and help in liver health, such as artichoke, peppermint, dandelion, among others, improving the general state of the organism in a way significant, it also offers an aromatic infusion, ideal to enjoy in your day to day.

      Improve your digestive health and thus achieve the optimal general well-being that you deserve so much thanks to the wonderful Gallexier Herbal Infusion by Salus.

      Gallexier Herbal Infusion of Salus improves digestion in an exceptional way, produces a stimulating effect on the liver and improves the functional conditions of liver cells, reinforcing the detoxifying function of the liver, also improves stomach function and favors gallbladder activity. It also facilitates the digestion of meals by strengthening the gastrointestinal tract, avoiding the feeling of heaviness after meals.

      Main characteristics of Gallexier Herbal Infusion of Salus

      • It is a food supplement based on 9 medicinal herbs
      • It has a high concentration of active ingredients and is highly bioavailable
      • Effectively improves the digestion process
      • Stimulates liver function and promotes digestion
      • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
      • It does not contain gluten, lactose, colorants or preservatives
      • Improves the general state of the body
      • Offers an aromatic infusion with a pleasant taste and very relaxing

      Ingredients and format of the Gallexier Herbal Infusion of Salus

      This great food supplement comes in a box with 15 filter bags that offer the perfect dose to prepare a healthy infusion, it also has the ideal amounts of the plants that make it up, without artificial components or any other additives, making it more effective, reliable and safe at the time of consumption.

      It has artichoke leaves, peppermint leaves, dandelion leaves and roots, chamomile flowers, yarrow flowers, bitter fennel fruits, helichrysum flowers, calendula flowers and raspberry leaves.

      Content per recommended daily dose (2 cups):

      • Has 800 mg of artichoke leaves
      • It has 800 mg of peppermint leaves
      • Contains 800 mg of dandelion root and leaves

      Benefits of Gallexier Herbal Infusion of Salus

      Gallexier Herbal Infusion of Salus is made from 9 natural plants, such as artichoke, dandelion, peppermint, chamomile, yarrow, bitter fennel, helichrysum, calendula and raspberry that aid digestion. It offers incredible benefits for our health provided by these wonderful plants, this is how the artichoke provides the necessary nutrients to regulate the formation and elimination of bile, promote digestion and the elimination of toxins through the urine, improve liver function, as well as it also intervenes to restore damaged liver tissue; Dandelion supports the proper functioning of the liver and protects it against aging, while it helps digestion, reducing the risk of constipation and serious gastrointestinal problems; Likewise, peppermint improves digestion and in turn brings a pleasant freshness to this infusion that will give you maximum satisfaction after ingesting it, the other plants act synergistically to repower these wonderful benefits.

      Gallexier Herbal Infusion of Salus is indicated to support digestion, so it is ideal if you want to enjoy a natural infusion of medicinal plants that improves this important process, giving you a great feeling of well-being after consumption, collaborating with your healthy diet and with your healthy lifestyle.

      Recommended daily dose of Gallexier Herbal Infusion of Salus

      • Place a bag in a cup and pour about 150 ml of boiling water
      • Let rest between 5 and 10 minutes and then remove the bag
      • Take 2 to 3 cups a day of hot infusion during meals
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