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LRA (Red Rice Yeast) - 30 capsules

LRA (Red Rice Yeast) from Sakai is a food supplement made from coenzyme Q10. It is useful for maintaining optimal levels of cholesterol in blood. LRA (Red Rice Yeast) from Sakai is rich in monacolin k, which produces a vasodilator effect that can be effective in reducing cardiovascular risk.

      Add LRA (Red Rice Yeast) from Sakai to your diet and boost your immune system naturally and keep cholesterol at bay!

      The intake of saturated fats is one of the main causes of altering blood cholesterol levels. They are ultimately those that produce "bad" cholesterol (LDL) in the body and that can affect cardiovascular health.

      LRA (Red Rice Yeast) from Sakai is made from coenzyme Q10, which is a nutrient that our body produces naturally but tends to decrease over the years. Q10 acts as a powerful antioxidant, with a similar action to vitamins and intervenes to metabolize food and convert it into energy, strengthens the heart muscle helping it to pump blood more efficiently, enhances the immune system slowing down aging.

      LRA (Red Rice Yeast) from Sakai is very effective in controlling cholesterol levels and prevents damage in the arteries, which reduces the risk of atherosclerosis and other cardiovascular disorders such as hypertension.

      Red rice yeast improves blood circulation and relieves some gastrointestinal disorders, has a lipid-lowering effect, which lowers the levels of lipids or triglycerides in the blood and its high content of monacolin allows limiting the production of cholesterol. There are studies that suggest that red yeast rice has a hypotensive effect that reduces blood pressure levels.

      What are the main characteristics of LRA (Red Yeast Rice ) from Sakai:

      • Made from dry extract of rice yeast titrated in monacolin K.
      • High content of coenzyme Q10.
      • Prevents the production of cholesterol.
      • Strengthens the immune system and increases defenses.
      • Provides anti-inflammatory, lipid-lowering and antioxidant actions.
      • Gluten-free.
      • Perfect for vegans.
      • Contains no caffeine or lactose.

      What does LRA (Red Rice Yeast) from Sakai provide?

      LRA (Red Rice Yeast) from Sakai is a food supplement that comes in vegetarian capsules that are easily absorbed in the body, with a unique formula that prevents the production of cholesterol.

      Nutrition facts per serving (1 capsule) of LRA (Red Rice Yeast) from Sakai:

      • 333.5 mg of rice yeast dry extract (monascus purpureus), titrated to 3% in monacolin K.
      • 20 mg of coenzyme Q10.
      • 10 mg of monacolin K.

      What is LRA (Red Rice Yeast) from Sakai taken for?

      LRA (Red Rice Yeast) from Sakai is enriched with coenzyme Q10, provides the exact amount of monacolin K your body really needs to maintain normal blood cholesterol levels and helps protect cardiovascular health.

      LRA (Red Rice Yeast) from Sakai is indicated as a food supplement for people consuming fat-rich foods. It is useful to maintain normal cholesterol levels.

      Recommended daily dose of LRA (Red Rice Yeast) from Sakai:

      • Take 1 capsule.
      • Take with plenty of water, preferably after the main meal.
      • Take once a day.


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