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R1 Casein from Rule1 is a dietary supplement made of micellar casein that will provide you with amino acid levels for a long time. This slow-release casein is ideal for being consumed at night, the perfect time to better assimilate its benefits. It will provide you with constant amino acid contribution for at least 8 hours.

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    R1 Casein from Rule1 provides you with the potential of micellar casein for a forceful development of your muscle mass. Get more strength, satiety and promote the reduction of fats in your body!

    R1 Casein from Rule1 is an incredible slow-release micellar casein. Get 25 g of protein per serving which comes from premium quality casein. In addition, get a high concentration of EAA's (essential amino acids) that will gradually enter your body for at least 8 hours.

    What is R1 Casein from Rule1?

    • Food supplement of slow-release micellar casein.
    • Provides a high concentration of EAA's.
    • Each serving provides 25 g of gradual assimilation proteins.

    What does each serving of R1 Casein from Rule1 provide?

    R1 Casein from Rule1 comes in a bottle containing 1.8 kg of food supplement in powder.

    Each serving (34 g) of chocolate-flavored supplement provides you with the follows:

    • 1 g of fat, including 0.5 g of saturated fat.
    • 15 mg of cholesterol.
    • 170 mg of sodium.
    • 3 g of carbohydrates.
    • 1 g of fiber.
    • 25 g of protein.

    These values ​​may vary depending on the chosen flavor.

    Benefits of R1 Casein from Rule1:

    R1 Casein from Rule1 is a food supplement that will provide you with slow-release proteins. It is ideal for excellent muscle growth. Include a 100% micellar casein dose in your sports diet, through which you will guarantee 25 g of protein in each serving that will gradually enter your body for about 8 hours. In this way, you will assimilate a very important EAA (essential amino acids) dose that should not be lacking in your daily nutrition. Enjoy its excellent texture and incredible long-lasting flavor, along with a healthy composition, free of elements or artificial fillers.

    If you are doing a high-intensity workout we recommend you to take R1 Casein from Rule1. Casein comes from milk and some of its by-products. It is one of the best supplements that prevent degradation or catabolism when practicing bodybuilding or fitness. It is strongly recommended to take before going to sleep, since it is the best time to start with the slow assimilation of its virtues. This prolonged duration in the body is the one that strengthens the tissues the most, guaranteeing a lasting level of strength.

    If you want to access your true physical capacity you must take R1 Casein from Rule1. Several studies carried out on micellar casein found that its consumption increases the metabolic rate up to 2.5 times, and that it increases satiety levels by 33%. This makes it an excellent food supplement to improve weight loss, something necessary to gain muscle. In the same way, it has been confirmed that it duplicates strength in key parts of the anatomy such as legs, arms, chest and shoulders.

    Recommended daily dose of R1 Casein from Rule1:

    • Dissolve 34 g (1 scoop from your dispenser) in 300 ml of skim milk or water.
    • Preferably take one (1) dose before going to bed at night.
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