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Robis Laboratories is a company dedicated to manufacturing high-quality, natural supplements for proper health care. Founded in 1983 in Granada and, since then, it has been an important reference brand in the world. It has innovative, safe, effective and completely suitable products for the proper functioning of the body.

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Meno robis 30 comp
Meno Robis - 30 tabsAnti-Stress
Meno Robis was designed to minimize the effects of menopause. Very useful for relieving hot...
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Tonarobis - 1000 mg - 60 caps
Tonarobis - 1000 mgCLA
Tonarobis from Robis Laboratories is a natural product, made from conjugated linoleic acid...
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Collagen forte -90 caps - 720 mg
Collagen forte - 720 mg -90 capsCollagen
Collagen Forte 720mg by Robis is a food supplement based on hydrolyzed collagen synergistically...
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Mirticir (cranberry juice) 20 amp
Mirticir (cranberry juice) 20 ampCirculatory System
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Relamax 20 amp
Relamax - 20 ampAnti-Stress
It is a dietary supplement made with natural products, which provides the active ingredients for...
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Bálsamo prana 120 - profesional - 120 cc
Prana Balm - 120 - profesional - 120 ccJoint creams
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Royal queen royal jelly junior 20 x 10ml
Royal queen royal jelly junior 20 x 10mlImmunological System
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Cistirobis forte -600 mg -20 caps
Cistirobis Forte - 20 caps of 600 mgUrinary Tract
Cistirobis Forte from Robis is a product made from American Cranberry, Horsetail, Salvia and...
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Aci-robis - 60 comp
Aci-robis - 60 compDigestive
will be shipped in 2-3 days
N-3 relax-robis 60 comp
N-3 relax-robis 60 compAnti-Stress
Food supplement with natural ingredients of plant origin, combines the action of Valerian,...
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Desmodium complex bio - 400 mg - 60 comp
Desmodium complex bio - 400 mg - 60 compLiver Protector
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Mirticir (cranberry juice) 30 comp
Mirticir (Blueberry Juice) - 30 ampsCirculatory System
Mirticir from Robis is a product that comes in the form of ampoules, which contain 100% natural...
will be shipped in 2-3 days
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Nature is a great source of natural medicine in which we can find a wide variety of plants, fruits and oils for the correct care of our body and health, however, today, thanks to the advancement of technology, it is possible to have all its benefits through much more convenient and effective methods of consumption, such as supplementation. Fortunately, Robis Laboratories is one of the pioneering companies in this sector, which works hard to manufacture high-quality natural products, ideal for leading a healthy lifestyle.

Robis Laboratories is a company that aims to manufacture food supplements based on medicinal plants and completely organic ingredients. However, its excellence and quality do not come from nowhere, on the contrary, its beginnings go hand in hand with effort, dedication, innovation and research. In 1983, the company was born in Granada through a group of specialists who only sought to satisfy the health and well-being needs at that time. Since then, Robis Laboratories has researched and created health from a completely unique approach, bringing proposals found in nature to the comfort of customers, but with a more concentrated, safe and effective composition.

Today, after a long history, Robis Laboratories has a wide variety of supplements made with organic ingredients and based on herbal extracts, such as: Ginseng, Artichoke, Aloe Vera, Collagen, Coconut Oil, Almond Oil , Green Coffee, among others. Nor should we forget that its star complement is Royal Jelly, available in various presentations.

Robis Laboratorios is a company that stands out from the rest given its two main manufacturing pillars. In the first place, it is committed to its own production of its products and, on the other hand, it always produces the best using high-quality and guaranteed methods. In addition, for 30 years, it has managed to position itself as the first Spanish company certified in the ISO 9001 standard and, likewise, has HACCP compliance.

As we could see, the company started mainly in Spain, but the years and the good production and sales strategies prompted the brand to extend its products to several countries, thus being an important reference in the American market and in 8 other countries. plus. Even so, Robis Laboratories continues in constant development and expansion, committed to offering innovative, healthy and excellent supplements to customers who take care of every aspect of their health.

It is not necessary to resort to nature directly to take advantage of its medicinal properties, Robis Laboratories is a wise choice to obtain the advantages and from the comfort of home or anywhere.