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Natural chicken - 160g

Natural Chicken by Frinsa is a fresh breast of a natural chicken with an excellent consistency. It is healthy foodstuff with a very high level of valuable protein and very little fat. It is 100% natural, with only mineral water and Himalayan salt. It is an exquisite white chicken breast from Spain in just a single piece. It is selected from the better pieces, and it has a Halal guarantee.

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    Natural Chicken by Frinsa: Perfect for athletes, children, pregnant women, protein diets or healthy lifestyle.

    Natural Chicken by Frinsa is included in its Natural Protein line where a selection of the biggest and most tender pieces of breast are prepared. A healthy foodstuff that contains all amino acids and that is the reason why chicken breast is a natural source of high quality protein.

    Its contribution of saturated fats is minimal, so it is highly recommended for protein diets or to carry a healthy diet. The quality of this tasty Natural Chicken by Frinsa comes from fresh, unfrozen breasts, which is pleasantly noticeable in its consistency.

    The key to this excellent is focused on a unique one-piece raw canning process together with mineral water and Himalayan salt. Then a single semi-cooking is applied to sterilise Natural Chicken by Frinsa, unlike other preparations in which it is previously cooked and shredded.

    In this way, the meat keeps all its benefits (together with the juice from the can). It is a 100% natural, tender, juicy and tasty food. Natural Chicken by Frinsa canning process is manual so that the piece remains whole without shredding.

    It can be eaten directly from the can or previously drained. Although we recommend not to drain so that it does not lose the juiciness and high protein value of the water that has infiltrated the meat.

    Essential aspects of 100g drained weight of Natural Chicken by Frinsa 

    • It provides 653 kJ / 133 kcal of energy value
    • It has 30g of protein
    • It has 1.5g of fats, of which 0.5g are saturated
    • It has 1.4g of salt
    • It has an exclusive raw canning process with water and salt with semi-cooking at high temperature
    • The process keeps the properties of the product and as a result, it is tender, juicy and tasty. It helps to soft and speed up digestion
    • It is good for the heart
    • It is a natural source of protein
    • It has a low fat content
    • It is gluten-free
    • It does not contain sugars
    • It is made in Galicia

    Components and format of Natural Chicken by Frinsa

    This food supplement is presented in a 160g container

    Among its ingredients, it has the following:

    • Chicken breast
    • Natural mineral water
    • Himalayan pink salt

    What is achieved with Natural Chicken by Frinsa?

    The proteins in this food supplement promote the growth of your organism improving the development or repair of muscles, as well as forming antibodies and regulating the cell division of your body. Proteins are, together with calcium and vitamin D, essential for the formation and conservation of bone mass in bones.

    Recommended daily dose of Natural Chicken by Frinsa

    • It does not need cold and it keeps fresh for a long time.
    • It is recommended to eat it at room temperature, and also the excess liquid to take all of its benefits.
    • It can be eaten directly from the can or as a garnish for Caesar salads, with pasta, rice, etc.
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