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Quinton Laboratories is a pharmaceutical and scientific company located in Alicante. Its main objective is to be a leader in developing sea water products for personal health care and, of course, rigorous methods of research, control, quality and high-tech. Today, it has a large growth and, still continues to expand.

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SALESQuinton hypertonic - 10ml x 30 amp
Quinton Hypertonic - 10ml x 30 ampHydration
Quinton Hypertonic from Quinton Laboratories is offered in the form of drinkable ampoules. It...
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SALESQuinton Dermo Action - 100 ml Quinton Laboratorios - 1
Quinton Dermo Action - 100 mlBody Care
In order to protect, hydrate and nourish your skin, Quinton Dermo Action from Quinton...
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SALESQuinton higiene ocular - 30ml
Quinton Ocular Hygiene - 30mlTake Care of Your Eyes
Quinton Ocular Hygiene from Quinton Laboratories is a specially formulated spray to moisturize...
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SALES21% dtoQuinton nasal pediatric (0-6 years) - 100ml
Quinton Nasal Pediatric (0-6 years) - 100mlFacials
Quinton Nasal Pediatric (0-6 years) from Quinton Laboratories is a nasal spray which contains...
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SALES36% dtoQuinton daily nasal hygiene - 150ml
Quinton Daily Nasal Hygiene - 150mlFacials
Quinton Daily Nasal Hygiene from Quinton Laboratories is a nasal spray suitable for treating and...
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SALESQuinton action plus nasal hygiene - 150ml
Quinton Action Plus Nasal Hygiene - 100mlFacials
Quinton Action Plus Nasal Hygiene from Quinton Laboratories is a very suitable spray for the...
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Sea water is a great source of health because it has many beneficial properties for the body, however, applying it directly is not the best recommendation. Fortunately, Quinton Laboratories is one of the pharmaceutical laboratories dedicated exclusively to the preparation of cold-microfiltered sea water, offering a wide range of products based on this for eye hygiene, nasal congestion, airway clearing, allergy prevention and, in the case of athletes, provides highly effective supplements for electrolyte balance.

Quinton Laboratories exists since 1897 when the naturalist and physiologist René Quinton founded the company. Since then, throughout its history, it has gone through different directions and advancing in the production of its products. In 1996, Joan Miguel Coll bought the laboratory located in France and installed it in Spain, naming it as Laboratoires Quinton S.L., as it is known today. After more than 20 years, the brand has grown 21% annually, has a team of 45 professionals and its specialties are present in around 25 countries around the world. Bringing so many corners of the planet these fabulous products.

Since the foundation, Quinton Laboratories has tried to maintain a continued growth and, fortunately, has seen the best results. Even during the last years, especially the hardest of the crisis, it has reached a production of more than 10 million products, an amount that demonstrates a very superior development capacity and highly significant consumption of cold-microfiltered sea water.

Currently, Quinton Laboratories strives to collect and apply the best method of microfilter to treat sea water and offer it for consumption, of course, manufactured with the guarantee of maximum quality and safety. Generally, the laboratories have the best cutting-edge technologies and microbiological and physicochemical control protocols to assure the optimum use in all its products. In the process, the minerals obtained by the double microfiltration process in cold which helps to prevent the oxidation and dehydration of cells, obtaining a really beneficial and very high organic material.

Nor can we fail to mention that its facilities and production processes comply with rigorous ISO quality certificates, as well as, the company follows exactly the existing standards for the manufacture of sanitary products. In short, Quinton Laboratories is synonymous with commitment and innovation for the correct health care. For greater benefits, Quinton Laboratories is present throughout the European Union, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Lebanon, Taiwan, Korea, China, Japan. The good news is that it is in the process of expansion in the US and South East Asia.