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Quest Nutrition is a company founded by Shannan Penna and her team in 2010 with the clear objective of offering healthy foods with the best possible taste to complement the diet of people with a healthy lifestyle. Year after year it has been growing and has become one of the favorite brands on the market. It was awarded two consecutive years by GNC with the Protein Bar of the Year.

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Quest Bar Protein - 60g
Quest Bar Protein - 60gProtein Bars
Quest Bar Protein from Quest Nutrition is the whey protein bar of the highest quality and better...
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The world of healthy food can be fun and delicious. Quest Nutrition is a company that since 2010 has set out to please the most demanding palates of athletes and followers of the fitness philosophy. The various sweet and savory protein snacks of this brand are the food supplements desired by anyone who takes care of their figure and well-being. With its factory located in El Segundo, California, they have managed to distribute merchandise throughout the United States and the world.

The main objective of this company since its inception is to make food that is nutritious and fun. In 2010 and with this vision in mind, a group of fitness and wellness lovers, led by Shannan Penna, came together to create a recipe for a delicious protein bar that would be both provocative and nutritious for diners. Little by little, this group of healthy food enthusiasts tried different formulas with different sweeteners and ingredients until they managed to find the right recipe. From that precise moment, the successful trajectory of Quest Nutrition began.

From home to industrial. The craft style reigned supreme in the early days of Quest Nutrition . In a rented kitchen, using typical rolling pins and knives, the first vanilla-flavored protein bars with almonds or peanut butter were created. This healthy snack quickly became famous among fitness fans and word of mouth spread the brand. Due to the demand for this product, Quest Nutrition was forced to purchase machinery and rent a larger location in order to accommodate new customers.

After an attempt to adapt to machinery and with a process of trial and error Quest Nutrition began in the course of 2011 to make protein bars in industrial quantities. However, because his recipe revolutionized the market, it was necessary for a team of experts to build a special machine to continue making the product with the original recipe. Throughout this process Quest Nutrition always maintained the initial formula of the bars to avoid compromising their nutritional quality and to be a recommended product for people who are changing their eating habits to combat obesity and diabetes.

In 2012 the company headquarters moved again to be able to work with the custom-made machines. The team gradually grew and the number of healthy snack recipes increased as well. That same year the company was awarded by GNC, an international leader and pioneer in nutrition, with the Protein Bar of the Year, which it won again in 2013. Currently, Quest Nutrition has a direct and quite close relationship with its customers through social networks. Its products are famous worldwide for their quality and taste.