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Protein Crunchy - 500 g

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Protein Crunchy from Quamtrax are crispy and delicious nutritious balls of wheat flour cereal and ice flour dipped in white, black or milk chocolates, with vitamins and minerals that provide important benefits to the body. It is perfect to consume alone, as a complement to your cereal, at breakfast or as a topping for your fruits, yogurts or oatmeal.

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    Enjoy a delicious breakfast thanks to Protein Crunchy from Quamtrax, an exquisite and crunchy snack that will contribute to your healthy and balanced diet.

    The renowned Quamtrax brand has created this fantastic and delicious product with truly unique properties on the market. These are extruded, crispy cereal balls coated with chocolate of different flavors, loaded with protein and with a minimum content of sweetener, without added sugar. They are specially made to provide many benefits that will help you perform optimally in your daily routine. It is a nutritious and healthy food that collaborates with your healthy diet, also providing a delicious flavor that will give you maximum satisfaction when consuming. You can also taste them in different ways, contributing to your varied diet and adding a crispy and sweet touch without having to worry about sugars or calories.

    Facts of Protein Crunchy from Quamtrax:

    • Comprised of small protein cereal balls dipped in different chocolate flavors.
    • Delicious, fully nutritious snack.
    • No added sugar.
    • Contains an excellent supply of vitamins and minerals.
    • Provides a healthy and balanced diet.
    • Perfect for breakfast.
    • Ideal for using as a topping on fruits and yogurts.
    • Comes in four (4) delicious flavors: dark chocolate, white chocolate, black and white chocolate and milk chocolate.

    Content of Protein Crunchy from Quamtrax:

    These rich nutritional balls are made of 100% natural rice flour cereal and wheat flour of totally natural origin, following the highest quality standards, guaranteeing a 100% healthy food. They also come in a container of 500 g very comfortable to move and easy to open, making them more practical when consuming. It is definitely a quality product that will give you the optimal feeling of well-being that you really need.

    Content per 100 g of dark chocolate flavor (these values ​​vary according to flavor):

    • 478 Kcal of energy.
    • 12.76 g of fats, of which 7.1 g are saturated fats and 5.02 g are monounsaturated fats.
    • 14 g of carbohydrates, of which 2 g are natural sugars.
    • 49 g of proteins.
    • 0.001 mg of salt.

    Benefits of Protein Crunchy from Quamtrax:

    The special way in which these crispy protein balls were created make them ideal for frequent consumption, since they provide an important amount of nutrients that provide the proper functioning of the body. It is a rich and healthy option at breakfast time. It is also completely versatile, since you can consume them alone or as a complement to other cereal. They are also perfect to add as a topping to fruits, yogurts and / or oatmeal, allowing you to have endless possibilities when consuming. This product is perfectly compatible with your weight loss diet and offers a delicious flavor that you will not believe.

    It is ideal for people who want a nutritious, delicious, practical and effective food that collaborates with the maintenance of good health and with a healthy and balanced diet. It is ideal for athletes and users who live a healthy lifestyle that provides them with a better quality of life.

    Recommended use of Protein Crunchy from Quamtrax:

    • As a nutritious food, to consume at taste, alone or as a complement to cereals. It is also perfect as a topping for yogurts, fruits or oats.
    • Can be consumed as snacks or desserts.
    • Consume as many times as you want.

    Customer reviews: Protein Crunchy - 500 g

    36 Reviews
    5 stars
    4 stars
    3 stars
    They are very good and add a touch of flavor to some meals, in addition to not excessively destabilizing the daily macros.
    It gives pancakes or whipped cheese an extra touch of flavor, in addition to having macros that are more than acceptable and ridiculous for the amount to be added.
    They are quite good to give a touch of flavor to smoothie cheese or pancakes. Macros are quite acceptable for day to day use.
    I have been adding this to my protein shake for 3 months now, as it was really difficult for me to drink and it has turned out to be quite an effective hack.
    They are very good to put into an oatmeal porridge or a yogurt, highly recommended
    They are wonderful to give breakfast or snack a crunchy touch and also provide half the protein, which is always an extra.
    Very good product, ideal to add to yogurt and snack from time to time, good protein value
    It is a product that spices yoghurts, beaten cheese or pancakes very well and, in addition, with a very good distribution of macronutrients that has a negligible influence on the daily distribution.
    very good product I recommend it is cheap and it shows a week and I will buy it again paoao
    Very good protein complement that I use in my breakfasts normally with yogurt or fresh cheese
    100% addictive, they are a vice, I've ever had a bite and I couldn't stop until I finished the bottle.
    Highly recommended product! 500 gr of spreadable cream with a very successful flavor. Ideal for pastries or breakfasts and snacks.
    super good and a bit addictive, after the first use I wanted to put it on everything, from my cereals to post-workout proteins
    They are not bad, to give some flavor to the whipped cheese or with the pancakes, but it is a passable product.
    This cream is very good, the truth is that I like this brand of quamtrax more and more.
    Very successful, without a doubt one of the best complements that I like to add to the desserts that I make
    This cream is delicious since it is quite original and the flavor is great, I definitely recommend it
    I use it in yogurts or in some casein shakes, it gives it a delicious touch for those moments when the body asks for something sweet.
    Delicious flavor that it gives to my oat milk and protein shakes, I also add them to yogurts and it is delicious.
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