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Protein bun premium - 4 uds

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Protein Bun Premiun by Quamtrax is a protein bread made with the best selection of seeds, with a high protein content, carefully prepared with those people who are aware of their figure and body weight, vegan people. Protein Bun Premiun by Quamtrax, its delicious crunchy and fluffy texture delights the palate making it the ideal companion for active people.

      Brighten up your mornings with Quamtrax Protein Bun Premium, your ideal companion

      Cheer up, enrich and nourish your mornings with Quamtrax Protein Bun Premium, its delicious golden texture, crunchy and fluffy on the inside delights the palate, making it the ideal food for today's active people who want to safeguard their muscle mass through healthy eating.

      Quamtrax always thinking of athletes who love fitness and all those people who need to control their body weight invites us to delight ourselves with Protein Bun Premium made with 100% whole wheat flour, with a high protein content, rich in fibers that they offer better digestion and the health of the digestive system. Protein Bun Premiun by Quamtrax is here to stay and become the perfect companion in your diet.

      Protein Bun Premium by Quamtrax combined and selected the best cereals and seeds to create an excellent food that provides the body with the highest amount of nutrients, proteins, rich in natural fiber beneficial for the digestive system, providing your body with the lightness and freedom it needs .

      What are the characteristics of Quamtrax Protein Bun Premium ?

      • Made with excellent natural fibers.
      • Adjuvant in weight control.
      • Rich in protein and low in carbohydrates.
      • No added sugars.
      • Free of refined flour.
      • Soft on the inside and crisp on the outside.
      • No added salt.
      • Safeguards, increases and maintains muscle mass.
      • Provides excellent amounts of protein.
      • Made with the best selection of seeds and cereals.
      • Ideal for people who practice physical activity and have a diet low in carbohydrates.
      • Its fat content is minimal.
      • Its natural fibers are coadjuvants in the perfect functioning of the digestive system.

      What's in each serving of Quamtrax Protein Bun Premium ?

      Protein Bun Premium from Quamtrax provides the body with the necessary energy for daily agitation, safeguards, increases and maintains muscle mass, provides excellent amounts of protein, its fat content is minimal, all these important characteristics make Protein Bun Premium Quamtrax is an attractive food for the consumer.


      Whole wheat flour, water, mixed seeds and cereals (flaxseed, sunflower, soybeans, wheat fiber, rye, oatmeal, wheat gluten, chopped soybeans, malted barley flour) yeast, sea salt, flour broad bean, sunflower oil, emulsifier, stabilizer, preservatives.

      Content per unit:

      • Provides 7.6 g of fat
      • It has 1.3 g of saturated fat.
      • Contains 29.7 g of Carbohydrates.
      • It has 1.3 g of sugars.
      • It has 9.39 g of dietary fibers.
      • Provides 17.2 g of protein.
      • Contains 1.1g of salt.

      Why ingest Quamtrax Protein Bun Premium ?

      Protein Bun Premium by Quamtrax is a food supplement free of gluten, saturated fats, natural sugars, the perfect composition for athletes, vegans, older adults and women concerned about their figure.

      Recommended daily amount of Quamtrax Protein Bun Premium

      • Ready-to-eat bread.
      • Ingest to taste.
      • Consume as many times as you want

      Customer reviews: Protein bun premium - 4 uds

      2 Reviews
      Excellent, I love them, for my weekend meals, for cheat meals, they are the maximum, I usually make cheat meals once or twice a week but I like to use healthy products, and not go for the totally fat option, this option is great
      I have seen the quamtrax burger bread and I have no doubts about buying it or it is not clear that it will be much healthier than the one sold in mercadona. set point
      Questions and answers
      Buenas tardes, me gustaría saber las kcal q tiene cada panecillo. GRACIAS.
      2020-11-19 14:51:53 Lyd
      Hola, este producto contiene 275Kcal por cada 100 gramos, un saludo.
      2020-11-20 11:28:59 CRISTOBAL
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