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L-Glutamine Powder Kyowa - 400 g

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L-Glutamine Powder Kyowa from Quamtrax is an ideal food supplement ideal to achieve maximum physical recovery. It contains Kyowa brand glutamine, which is premium quality. Get a great protection of your muscle mass, reduce the possibility of suffering from catabolism. It is ideal for people who practice bodybuilding or who have a very active lifestyle.

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    Take L-Glutamine Powder Kyowa from Quamtrax for a really complete recovery.

    L-Glutamine Powder Kyowa from Quamtrax is a dietary supplement based on glutamine, a non-essential amino acid, which the body needs for effective recovery from any physical activity. In this case, it has been made from Kyowa™ L-Glutamine, a premium quality and purity formula that is highly assimilated by the body. It offers great protection for the already developed muscles and prevents the possibility of suffering from the undesirable catabolism that can reduce the body mass already gained.

    What is L-Glutamine Powder Kyowa from Quamtrax?

    • A dietary supplement of L-Glutamine.
    • Has been made from Kyowa™ L-Glutamine.
    • Promotes recovery, protects muscles and prevents catabolism.

    Ingredients and format of L-Glutamine Powder Kyowa from Quamtrax:

    Each recommended 10 g dose offers 10 g of L-Glutamine (Kyowa Quality®).

    Why should you take L-Glutamine Powder Kyowa from Quamtrax?

    L-Glutamine Powder Kyowa from Quamtrax is a food supplement that offers Kyowa™ glutamine, which is characterized by having the highest purity and quality. It also has an excellent level of assimilation in the body. It is ideal to supplement the diet of everyone who practices sports, especially those who do bodybuilding. Glutamine is important for full recovery and for active muscle protection. It prevents the undesirable reduction of mass caused by catabolism, which can impair the development of muscle mass. It also strengthens the defenses, promotes better hydration and improves the absorption of other proteins essential to strengthen muscles.

    Have tangible support with L-Glutamine Powder Kyowa from Quamtrax. This glutamine formula stands out on the market because it results from innovative processes and methods that result in a high-quality product. Get essential amino acids for good health through plant fermentation. It lacks chemical or synthetic additives. In this way, an effective reinforcement is obtained to regain energy, gain muscle, prevent its degradation and also to strengthen the body's defenses. Although glutamine is a non-essential amino acid that can be produced by the human body, it is necessary to reinforce its levels since intense physical activity can cause its deficiency, hindering the desired physical development.

    You can avoid this by incorporating L-Glutamine Powder Kyowa from Quamtrax into your routines. This supplement will decrease the fatigue in your muscles, which will allow you to increase the intensity and even the time that you dedicate daily to your training. It will also boost your strength levels and endurance when engaging in demanding physical activities. You can build muscle mass and have a great performance to challenge your current level and quickly reach your sports goals. Reach incredible potential and personal growth every day.

    Recommended daily dose of L-Glutamine Powder Kyowa from Quamtrax:

    • Dissolve 2 meters (10 g) in a glass of water or natural juice.
    • Take 2 times a day.
    • Preferably take during a main meal.

    Customer reviews: L-Glutamine Powder Kyowa - 400 g

    18 Reviews
    5 stars
    4 stars
    The quality is the best and it shows in a much more effective recovery. The price, adjusted to what it offers.
    Good glutamine, it is clear that carrying the Kyowa or Ajinomoto seals will be good, both glutamine and amino acids
    As they say, as long as the raw material is from Kyowa or Ajinomoto it will be a top quality glutamine
    Very good glutamine with the best Kyowa patent. I use it every morning 10-15 g on an empty stomach to improve my digestive health.
    The quality of the glutamine is wonderful, but the truth is that the watermelon flavor is not particularly good.
    For me, as long as it is a raw material from Kyowa or Ajinomoto, it is a quality glutamine that works great.
    The best anticatabolic amino acid since with this product it will help you to persevere muscle mass
    The product is very good, in my case I have taken it to treat intestinal problems and it has worked wonderfully.
    Great product of good quality, it is used for recovery and the price is really good. Good service
    The truth is that the tropical flavor makes it much easier to take glutamine, a good product.
    glutamine is the best anticatabolic amino acid on the market, highly recommended for serious athletes
    My favorite recovery formula when I finish training in the pool, it helps me recover and avoid catabolism.
    The flavors are very strong, which I like because you don't notice glutamine or any of the other amino acids.
    glutamine is the best anticatabolic amino acid on the market, therefore it is more than essential to take it
    It's very good, I always use this or the one from mm
    One recovers much better after training, it shows that it is a very good quality product.
    One of the best glutas I've tried, I recover much better and another detail is the flavor, the watermelon one that I've had is terrific.
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