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Instant Rice Flour - 2 kg

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QUAMTRAX- €1.25= ¡€11.25!

Instant Rice Flour from Quamtrax is an ideal food product to prepare different and delicious dishes. It is available in different flavors, so it can satisfy the taste of the most demanding consumers. It was made using quality components that provide carbohydrates, which is very positive for anyone, particularly, for sportsmen and/or athletes who want to keep their levels of energy up.

      With Instant Rice Flour from Quamtrax, you can prepare exquisite dishes that will fill you with energy day after day. Go and buy this excellent rice to set the right conditions to be successful!

      This powdered food has a soft and fine consistency, is very easy to use, with which you can make an endless number of exquisite preparations such as smoothies, creams, pastries, among others. It is also suitable for confectionery and to thicken foods that require it. Therefore, this is a food that you will want to share with family and friends, offering quality, great taste and diversity.

      It is worth mentioning that rice flour has a very high and excellent nutritional value to supplement a healthy diet. In addition to this, Instant Rice Flour from Quamtrax is available in mouth-watering flavors such as strawberry, vanilla, chocolate with hazelnuts, brownie, biscuit and cream, among others, with a mild but quality and healthy sweetness.

      Instant Rice Flour from Quamtrax collaborates with the incorporation of nutrients, including vitamins, essential amino acids and minerals, which is, undoubtedly, important to maintain an active lifestyle, but without neglecting aspects, namely, good taste and health. It is wonderful to start the day off full of strength by eating it at breakfast. It can also be consumed at snack time, making delicious appetizers or desserts, thus obtaining energy instantly to continue with planned activities and finish the day without fatigue. On the other hand, consuming some food or drink with this excellent food after sports practice, allows a rapid recovery from exhaustion, as a result of training.

      This flour is perfect for those people who require or want to obtain extra energy to be able to finish the day successfully, where the activities to perform demand extra physical effort. Along the same lines, Instant Rice Flour from Quamtrax is ideal for sportsmen and/or athletes who undoubtedly need energy to start, develop without drops in performance and victoriously finish exercise routines or demanding and rigorous training.

      Facts of Instant Rice Flour from Quamtrax

      • Contains carbohydrates.
      • Soft and fine consistency.
      • Available in a wide variety of flavors.
      • Provides extra energy.
      • Simple preparation.
      • Perfect to make different dishes.
      • Ideal for sportsmen and/or athletes.

      With the consumption of Instant Rice Flour from Quamtrax, you can obtain, in a delicious way and without any sacrifice, all the energy necessary to carry out and fulfill your training or routines. Therefore, you will have the achievement of your goals closer.

      Recommended use: as a food product, mix the necessary amount of Instant Rice Flour from Quamtrax with water, skimmed milk, egg whites or any other ingredient required to prepare the recipe you want to enjoy. Consume at breakfast and/or snack time, also, before or after physical activity.

      Customer reviews: Instant Rice Flour - 2 kg

      26 Reviews
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      3 stars
      Good for the price it has, it's almost two for one in price and it has a very good flavor and texture, I recommend it
      Spectacular to mix with the protein in the shake, it dissolves well and is digested without problem
      I use it as a healthy ingredient for baking, so I control calories and fat and keep all the flavor, cheesecake is very good.
      of the best options to add to your proteins and your shakes to help you gain weight in a clean way
      rice flour is what I consume most now for my breakfasts I prefer it more than oatmeal
      Delicious flavor, I mix it with the protein shake after training, perfect assimilation.
      I loved the strawberry flavor, the dissolution is as the bag promises, instantaneous, very good.
      As rice flour it is super creamy, it looks like a porridge and it dissolves very, very well.
      Great to use in breakfast cakes, protein shakes or cooking protein biscuits, very good flavors and texture
      very good product the truth is noticeable it feels good it does not give heaviness it is assimilated quite well I recommend it uyfgty
      Highly recommended for its price because 1Kg usually costs between 6 and 7 euros and the brand is good
      It is a very good product, ideal to take something quickly digested in the post-workout along with some protein. It mixes really well and the brownie flavor is pretty good.
      2 kilos of rice flour are very well priced because they normally cost 7 euros per kilo
      For confectionery it is a super good flour, value for money is the best option, I have tried only two flavors but I found them very good.
      I put it right after training with my whey protein, it is assimilated quite well and quickly.
      The texture for biscuits is 10. The cookie flavor is not quite the same, it tastes sweet and is rich. Very good ingredients and macros, in terms of quality-price of the best.6
      I like it very much for pancakes with egg white or directly to mix with the protein in the Shaker
      Good product with a good price. 100% recommended and very likely to repeat. Thanks guys for the attention
      I prefer rice flour to oatmeal because it is lighter, I can eat a lot without having that heavy stomach
      Questions and answers
      Would like to know if this rice flour is precooked and what type of rice it is made from. Thankyou
      2022-09-14 03:01:04 Harrison Dew
      Hi Harrison, this rice flour is not precooked. The flour is obtained from grinding the grain of white rice. Cheers
      2022-09-14 19:12:06 Jose Antonio
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      Cuánta cantidad hay que hechar por batido solo 30 g?
      2023-09-14 14:21:50 Sergio
      Hola Sergio la cantidad de harina a la hora de prepararla en forma de batido siempre tiene que ir unida a un objetivo y características de la persona o atleta que lo vaya a consumir, la dosificación establecida por la marca Quamtrax es de 30g. Espero haber sido de ayuda.
      2023-09-14 17:28:15 Joel
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      Engorda o es igual que la avena
      2023-08-20 22:57:40 Juana
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      Se puede beber directamente en batido sin cocinar?
      2023-01-27 15:37:10 Luis
      Sí, la Harina de Arroz Instantánea - 2kg es un producto ideal para preparar batidos sin necesidad de cocinar. ¡Espero que disfrutes de tu batido!
      2023-01-27 15:44:13 Rafael
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