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Choco Protein - 250 g

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Thinking of you, we do present Choco Protein from Quamtrax, a chocolate cream with an incomparable flavor. It is the only one on the market with cocoa, hazelnuts and whey protein concentrate. It contains no added sugars or preservatives, just whey, hazelnuts and cocoa. It is rich in valuable proteins, providing more than 21% of whey in each intake.

Choco Protein from Quamtrax is low in saturated fats, providing a maximum of 6.7% of them day by day, and properly contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass.

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    Choco Protein from Quamtrax is the best cocoa cream available on the market with an exquisite and very palatable chocolate flavor and a lot of protein.

    Choco Protein from Quamtrax is ideal to provide a sweet touch to your diet without having the regret of having been fed incorrectly.

    This food supplement is perfect for all types of diets. If your goal is to be able to properly increase your muscle mass and you are in a volume phase, Choco Protein from Quamtrax, in addition to being irresistible, provides you with essential amino acids for your muscles, so that you can achieve your goals in a delicious way.

    Who can benefit from Choco Protein from Quamtrax?

    • People who are looking to be able to eat 100% healthy through foods and food supplements low in saturated fats and simple sugars.
    • People who are looking for a delicious sweet treat every day, very compatible with their weight-loss diets.
    • Perfect for people who are on hyperprotein diets.

    Nutrtion facts per dose (100 g / flavor: hazelnut chocolate) of Choco Protein from Quamtrax:

    • 2204 kj / ​​548.8 kcal of energy.
    • 39 g of fats, of which 11 g are saturated fats.
    • 32.5 g of carbohydrates, of which 2.5 g are sugars and 29 g are polyols.
    • 3.1 g of fiber.
    • 21 g of protein.
    • 0.01 g of salt.

    Components and format of Choco Protein from Quamtrax:

    Choco Protein from Quamtrax comes in a 250 g container.

    Among its ingredients we can find the following:

      • Sweetener (maltitol).
      • Vegetable oils (rape, shea and coconut) concentrated whey protein.
      • Hazelnuts (11%).
      • Cocoa (theobroma cacao L.) defatted powder.
      • Emulsifier (soy leticine) and flavoring.
      • Contains milk, hazelnuts and soy.
      • May contain traces of almonds.

    What is achieved by taking Choco Protein from Quamtrax?

    It is a chocolate cream with a creamy texture, enriched with proteins from whey. It is a healthier substitute for the usual chocolate creams, because in addition to being very similar in terms of flavor and texture, Choco Protein from Quamtrax has a low content of simple sugars and saturated fats.

    Choco Protein from Quamtrax contains delicious chocolate and a lot of protein. It is also rich in BCAAs and essential amino acids, which are the most important ones for muscle growth.

    Unlike other creams with too many sugars, Choco Protein from Quamtrax is compatible with your weight-loss diet. It is even a perfect option for people suffering from diabetes.

    Enjoy its flavor and texture when spread on bread, as a filling for your crepes, as a topping for your waffles or muffins, and prepare delicious and 100% healthy sweet recipes.

    Do not think it twice and buy Choco Protein from Quamtrax RIGHT NOW!. Available with or without halzenut crunchy. It will surprise you!.

    Recommended daily dose of Choco Protein from Quamtrax:

      • Take approx. 15 g, alone or smeared.
      • Keep tightly closed in a cool, dry place.

    Customer reviews: Choco Protein - 250 g

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    3 stars
    A vice, they are very good, I usually add it to the yogurt or the fresh whipped cheese to give it a little life.
    This cream is delicious and the truth is that I have already tried several of quamtrax and of good quality
    It is a flavor between nutella and cola cao, it is quite good but with a regular price, a bit expensive
    Very delicious, not the following, every time I like spreading creams more and quamtrax has put the batteries in this field, thanks
    Very delicious, not the following, every time I like spreading creams more and quamtrax has put the batteries in this field, thanks
    buah this cream comes out authentic flavor of cookies highly recommended and the taste spectacular, thank you
    Delicious, I usually spread it on oatmeal pancakes and take it before training to have an energy supply.
    Absolutely amazing this protein cream from Quamtrax. It is, in all probability, the best cream made by the brand, having a very successful flavor. I also see the price quite well, in line with the prices that are managed for this type of "fit" products.
    Very good flavor especially the oreo, for those moments that you need something sweet and do not want to go overboard on the calories.
    The low calorie chocolate creams are incredible, the black cookies flavor is my favorite, as is the protein powder
    Very good product, I recommend it, it is not expensive and it is effective, the truth is that it goes very well, this brand never goes wrong, well
    It's like a nutella but with cookie bits to give it that crunchy touch that you want so much when you're on a diet.
    The best in the world, although it has enough calories at least it is without sugar, so it stops from time to time or for days it is incredible cheat
    The best in the world, although it has enough calories at least it is without sugar, so it stops from time to time or for days it is incredible cheat
    Quamtrax Choco Protein in Low-Calorie Chocolate Creams from MASmusculo I bought this protein cream on the recommendation of a friend and, honestly, it is very successful for a sugar-free product. Although perhaps the flavor is not, obviously, nailed to the classic oreo cookie, it is very tasty, especially in pancakes or in whipped cheese. .
    This Quamtrax chocolate cream is spectacular! It can go perfectly with a typical cream with sugars. The flavor is very successful, nothing artificial and the texture is very good, it can be spread easily. I recommend it to complement it with the diet.
    Without a doubt one of the best protein creams that I have tried, the flavor is very successful and it is very well priced
    the best in the world, unfortunately it has enough calories but it is delicious, to use it with measure it is very good, it is protein and sugar free
    This chocolate cream is delicious since it can be taken without having regrets of coincidence for calories
    Questions and answers
    Hola e comprado la crema proteica de chocolate y avellanas y me viene echo un bloqué y con líquido por encima
    2023-04-03 17:23:54 Marisa
    ¡Buenas tardes! Escríbanos un mensaje a [email protected] o póngase en contacto con nosotros mediante el chat o en el teléfono 910609655. ¡Gracias!
    2023-04-03 18:30:37 JAVI
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    Este tipo de cremas en una dieta hiperproteica para adelgazar por lo que veo no son ingredientes que no puedes comer. Hay algun otro tipo que sean adecuadas para la perdida de peso con proteinas??
    2022-05-18 23:07:20 Maria
    Hola Maria Consulte con su nutricionista pues es una pregunta referente a su cantidad de proteina en dieta. Saludos
    2022-05-19 09:56:22 Masmusculo
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