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Chicken Breast - 155 g

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Chicken Breast from Quamtrax is a very exquisite food to be able to top your favorite recipes every day in a 100% natural and quite healthy way. A product made from 100% natural ingredients to encourage the best lifestyle. It is a chicken that represents great protein values ​​to your diet.

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    With Chicken Breast from Quamtrax you can give yourself some exquisite pleasures and combine with other recipes!

    Chicken Breast from Quamtrax is a balanced product for a healthy and nutritious consumption. This exclusive chicken is the best source of protein to include in your day-to-day activities.

    In addition to being a delicious and irresistible food, Chicken Breast from Quamtrax also gradually promotes other aspects of the human body. It is ideal for regulating the digestion process and building up your muscle mass. This 100% natural delicacy is capable of supplementing other chickens or meats, offering more effective and healthy results.

    Chicken Breast from Quamtrax can be included in all kinds of recipes. It is perfect to supplement with rice, pasta, salads, rolls and other potential foods. In addition, thanks to its flexibility, all kinds of sauces can also be added to make this proposal the most exquisite of all. It is an irresistible recipe for children and also the most qualified to supply them with all relevant proteins.

    Chicken Breast from Quamtrax is the favorite food for mothers, because it is of a delicious product, but with innumerable healthy qualities. It is a delicious product to be able to refrigerate and thus extend its duration even more. Likewise, Chicken Breast from Quamtrax guarantees the best results in all your meals once cooked. A tender and very juicy food with a great texture to pamper your palate. It is a food supplement that appears in different presentations according to consumer's taste.

    The best thing about obtaining Chicken Breast from Quamtrax are not only its nutritional qualities, but also its fast and effective preparation process. It is a delicacy that gets you out of trouble and does not take you more than five minutes in your kitchen. Therefore, you can always rush out with this incredible proposal.

    Chicken Breast from Quamtrax is a really good solution for building up muscle mass and losing weight. It is a product designed for athletes with the intention of increasing their proteins. Chicken Breast from Quamtrax also produces a satiating effect to control the appetite for several hours. Do not stop consuming this food with a superior protein value and unique juiciness.

    What are the main characteristics of Chicken Breast from Quamtrax?

    • 100% natural chicken breast.
    • Product with high protein value.
    • Rich in vitamins, fibers and minerals.
    • Produces a satiating effect.
    • Ideal to include in athletes' diet.
    • A juicy, tender and tasty chicken.

    If you want to vary your meals, add the exquisite Chicken Breast from Quamtrax as many times as you please so as to greatly meet your needs on every occasion. Get little pleasures with a thoroughly palatable chicken. An alternative to nourish yourself with the right proteins and optimize your weight loss in the best way.

    Recommended use: ideal to accompany all kinds of recipes, from rice, pasta and salads, even sauces of all kinds.

    Customer reviews: Chicken Breast - 155 g

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    5 stars
    4 stars
    good option to get out of trouble, this is super good for any occasion, the best of all is that it comes canned ready to serve in any form. From putting it in a salad or also in a sandwich, until eating it just without anything else, it is super healthy and is very well prepared
    very good, the first time I find chicken breast in this format, they are super good and are an excellent solution
    How well this chicken breast is going since in reality it is just what I was looking for in addition to a good price and very good quality
    How well this chicken breast is going since in reality it is just what I was looking for in addition to a good price and very good quality
    Very good product, I really recommend it, the price is not bad and this brand never disappoints fgty
    super good, very useful when eating on the street, perfect to carry in any type of bag, it is very safe not to spill or anything
    super good, very useful when eating on the street, perfect to carry in any type of bag, it is very safe not to spill or anything
    I loved these cans of chicken breast from the quamtrax brand. I think it's a great option when you don't have time to cook or take them on a trip. They are very good in flavor and provide a lot of protein per can. I highly recommend its use!
    Very good product, incredible in flavor and very useful for when I have to make a meal away from home and I don't have time to cook.
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