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Quamtrax Direct is a line specialized in the production of high quality sports supplements. It is an initiative of Quamtrax Nutrition. Since 1999 they have been working from Madrid in Spain, to offer the perfect combination of research, production and specialized customer service. Today his name is synonymous with safe quality and personalized service.

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Bcaa + glutamine - 500g
BCAA + Glutamine - 500 gGlutamine + BCAA
In this opportunity we bring you a product that benefits the consumer in their daily training....
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Whey Protein - 2 kg
Whey Protein - 2 kgWhey Protein
100% Whey Protein from Quamtrax Direct is the ideal dietary supplement to improve your muscle...
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100% whey isolate - 700g
100% whey isolate - 700gWhey Protein Isolate
100% Whey Isolate by Quamtrax is a whey isolate food supplement, with an excellent taste and...
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Bcaa 2.1.1 - 500g
BCAAs 2:1:1 - 500 gBCAAs
BCAAs 2:1:1 from Quamtrax Direct is a dietary supplement that contains the branched chain...
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100% Whey Protein - 500g
100% Whey Protein - 500 gWhey Protein
100% Whey Protein from Quamtrax Direct is the ideal dietary supplement to improve your muscle...
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100% casein - 500g
100% Casein - 500 gCasein
100% Casein from Quamtrax Direct is a nutritional supplement made from milk protein isolate,...
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BCAA 1000 - 500 tablets
BCAA 1000 - 500 tabletsBCAAs
BCAA 1000 from Quamtrax Direct is a trio of amino acids (namely, leucine, isoleucine and...
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Whey Protein Isolate - 2 kg
Whey Protein Isolate - 2 kgWhey Protein Isolate
Protein is one of the vital elements that you need to be able to build strong, solid and healthy...
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Maltodextrin complex carbohydrate - 500g
Maltodextrin (Complex Carbohydrate) - 500 gMaltodextrin
Maltodextrin (Complex Carbohydrate) from Quamtrax Direct is a carbohydrate complex designed...
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100% Pure Glutamine - 500 g
100% Pure Glutamine - 500 gGlutamine
100% Pure Glutamine from Quamtrax Direct is a supplement based on glutamine powder, with 100%...
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Reduced priceVegan protein - 500g
Vegan Protein - 500 gVegetable Protein
Vegan Protein from Quamtrax Direct is a nutritional supplement made from pea protein and rice...
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Whey protein - 900g
Whey protein - 900gWhey Protein
100% Whey Protein from Quamtrax is a food supplement made with 80% ultra-filtered whey...
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Quamtrax Direct offers a range of top quality sports supplements that are consistent with Quamtrax Nutrition's work philosophy. Its products are born as a result of specialized field research that has been contrasted with the needs of athletes exposed to demanding and very demanding physical activities.

In addition to this, the company operates under continuous expansion, establishing its presence in the market in various ways. Currently you can find their products in the largest sports supplement stores. They are also distributed through online marketing stores, in addition to constant promotion in the largest traditional media. Such is the case with publications like Sport Life, Flex, Men's Health, and Muscle & Fitness.

Quamtrax Direct does not sell only in Spain. It is also exported to Venezuela, Colombia, Portugal, France, Italy, Uruguay, Morocco and Cuba. And it is a fact that its growth will soon include numerous new markets.

Quality is an indisputable characteristic of Quamtrax Direct products. Its team of nutritionists and various specialists in sports nutrition are committed to achieving the highest level of satisfaction at all times. For this they use raw materials that respond to the highest quality, with active components that do not fail to give the best results.

Formulas whose efficiency has been contrasted in specialized laboratory studies are continuously used. They are unquestionably governed by scientific research and by its results applied to sports practice. This is why their supplements maintain a high level of effectiveness, which allows them to maintain a privileged place among athletes and coaches from various disciplines.

Quamtrax Direct considers everything necessary to maintain maximum nutrition in the body, and thus boost the engines that drive physical activity. They know perfectly well what is needed to increase energy levels, increase performance and enhance endurance capacity. They also keep an eye on what it takes for the muscles to develop for unrivaled fitness.

Another highlight is the sustained growth in sales that this company has each year, which amounts to an average of 30%. This is because it maintains competitive prices, within the reach of the public, without having to affect in any way the quality of its extensive range of supplements.

Quamtrax Direct is therefore one of the most complete and safest alternatives when choosing food products for sports. You can trust its development mechanics that involves research, testing, quality control and the main findings of modern medicine. The experience and its constant growth are the guideline that accounts for its innovative mentality, which always aims to give the best now and in future times.