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Guarana kick - 12 vials x 80ml

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Guarana Kick by QNT is a sugar-free food supplement high in caffeine and guarana, which can help all active people to brilliantly overcome the challenges of everyday life. Whether you are an active person and need an extra boost to brilliantly complete your daily tasks.

      QNT Guarana Kick: Contains caffeine and guarana extract, a tropical herbal ingredient that the Indians of the Amazon rainforest have used for centuries for its fantastic properties.

      It comes in a small, easy-to-carry package that allows anyone to use it anywhere, at any time of the day. It has been created with a simple but very effective formula and a delicious bitter coffee taste. You can try it in the morning with your breakfast to start your day, or you can take it in the afternoon to help you finish a particularly difficult task.

      Every time you feel the need for that extra boost, it will help you achieve your most ambitious goals, thanks to the properties of its active ingredients. The extremely low calorie content makes it suitable also for people with a very strict diet, who can take advantage of its beneficial effects without worrying about the additional calories.

      Guarana Kick essentials by QNT for 15ml

      • Provides 1.5 kcal / 6.19 kJ of energy value
      • Has 0.09 g of carbohydrates, of which 0.09 g are sugars
      • It has 0.02 g of salt
      • With 375 mg of guarana extract
      • Provides 75 mg of total caffeine

      Components and format of the QNT Guarana Kick

      This food supplement is presented in a container with 12 Vials x 80ml

      Among its ingredients we can find the following:

      • Water
      • Guarana seed extract (Paullinia cupana)
      • Acidifier: E330
      • Acidity regulator: E331
      • Caffeine
      • Flavor
      • Sweeteners: E955 and E950
      • Preservatives: E211 and E202

      What do you get with QNT's Guarana Kick?

      • The high caffeine content increases your metabolism by 3% to 11%, allowing you to burn more calories at rest.
      • Increases alertness and reduces drowsiness. The stimulating effects can start in 15 to 30 minutes.
      • It contains alkaloids like theobromine and theophylline. Xanthines stimulate the central nervous system, increase gastric acid secretion, and act as bronchodilators and diuretics.
      • Thanks to the catechins provided by this food supplement, they help fight free radicals, that is, slow down cellular aging.
      • This antioxidant property can help improve cardiovascular disease and diabetes.
      • It favors the feeling of satiety in the body, which benefits weight loss. It has cardiovascular properties that improve blood circulation, and increase heart health.

      Recommended daily dose of Guarana Kick from QNT

      • Its intake just before your workouts is recommended as a simple but effective pre-workout.
      • Due to the stimulating effects of caffeine and guarana, we recommend limiting the consumption of this food supplement in the late afternoon or evening, to avoid sleep problems. This is particularly important if you are also a coffee drinker, because the caffeine content of coffee is summed up by the stimulants in this food supplement.

      Customer reviews: Guarana kick - 12 vials x 80ml

      1 Reviews
      Is a good product. Not excessively aggressive in digestion and easy to dissolve, it shows that it sticks well
      12 vials x 80ml
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