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Casein Protein - 908 g

Casein Protein from QNT is a powerful dietary supplement made from a formula based on micellar casein and a high percentage of BCAAs that enables muscle recovery after a physical training session, thus optimizing the process definition or weight loss, improving sports performance and encouraging the muscle development.

      Protect the health of your muscles and improve your sports performance by taking Casein Protein from QNT, the perfect option for your day-to-day activities.

      Casein Protein from QNT is a food supplement made from a select dose of micellar casein enriched with high-quality BCAAs and free of added sugars whose main function is to support the muscle reconstruction and development, improve recovery and sports performance, maintain muscle tone, encourage definition or loss of fat, optimize colon health and strengthen bones and joints.

      Main characteristics of Casein Protein from QNT:

      • Dietary supplement that helps maintain muscle health and improve physical performance.
      • Promotes the definition or loss of fat.
      • Strengthens and protects the health of the colon, bones and joints.
      • Supports muscle reconstruction and development.
      • Optimizes concentration levels and increases the feeling of well-being.
      • Minimizes anxiety symptoms and encourages proper functioning of the stomach system.
      • Delicious flavors available: Belgian chocolate and tuti fruti.

      Ingredients and format of Casein Protein from QNT:

      Casein Protein from QNT comes in an extraordinary powder format made from an exclusive and complete dose based on high-quality and powerful 100% natural ingredients, which offer a series of benefits and properties that allow it to maintain, stabilize and strengthen the performance of the body. Casein Protein from QNT is a food supplement free of alcohol, inorganic fertilizers, pesticides, added sugars and harmful components that can harm your health.

      Content per dose (20 g), these values ​​can change according to their flavor:

      • 74 kcal / 314 kj of energy.
      • 0.39 g of fats, of which 0.29 g are saturated fats.
      • 0.54 g of carbohydrates, of which 0.21 g are sugars.
      • 17.53 g of protein.
      • 0.10 g of salt.
      • 1012 mg of l-leucine.
      • 684 mg of l-valine.
      • 542 mg of l-isoleucine.

      Benefits of Casein Protein from QNT:

      Micellar casein is an animal protein that contains a high dose of phosphorus, calcium, zinc, iron and copper, whose main function is to offer benefits that help improve bone health, keeping the muscle mass in perfect condition, optimizing the functioning of the immune system, promoting fat loss, improving nitrogen retention in the body, enhancing post-workout recovery, minimizing hypertension problems, reducing the risks of suffering thrombosis and encouraging strength and sports performance. For this reason, QNT brand has formulated this amazing food supplement, a product capable of providing the resources to contribute to muscle reconstruction, maximize sports performance, support the definition process, and take care of the health of the digestive, immune and bone systems, increase satiety levels and also enhance strength.

      Casein Protein from QNT is a strongly recommended dietary supplement to be used by athletes in general and active people seeking to use a 100% natural option to increase their strength and sports performance, promote fat loss, avoid nutritional deficits, protect joints and bones, optimize mood and concentration level, boost muscle development and balance the digestive and immune systems.

      Recommended daily dose of Casein Protein from QNT:

      • As a food complement, take 20 g.
      • Dissolve in 250 ml of water or milk.
      • Take the dose on a daily basis.
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