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Actif carbo load - 700ml

Actif Carbo Load by QNT is a food supplement rich in carbohydrates made with a composition based on fruit juice, arranged in the form of a quick-release energy drink that is easily assimilated by the body. Food supplement free of the presence of lactose and gluten, ideal to consume in balanced eating habits.

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      QNT Actif Carbo Load

      Actif Carbo Load by QNT is a food supplement in the form of an energy drink developed with a formula based on completely natural fruit juice, rich in carbohydrates and easily assimilated by the body. In addition, it provides a formula free of the presence of gluten, lactose, dyes and artificial elements.

      Similarly, Actif Carbo Load from QNT is a dietary supplement that can be ingested by those who seek to protect their health and enhance the performance of their body in a natural and safe way.

      QNT Actif Carbo Load Features

      • It is a food supplement made with natural fruit juice, of great purity and quality.
      • Contains a formula free of lactose, gluten and artificial agents.
      • Ideal to be used by people who seek to enhance the performance of their body.
      • It can be integrated into dietary habits of controlled and restrictive origin.

      Ingredients of Actif Carbo Load from QNT brand

      Actif Carbo Load from QNT, comes in a presentation that provides 700 ml of food supplement.

      Each dose provides the following specifications (100 ml, lemon-lime flavor):

      • It contains 29 kcal of energy value.
      • It has 0 grams of fat, of which 0 grams are saturated.
      • It provides 7 grams of carbohydrates, of which 7 grams are sugars.
      • It has 0 grams of protein.
      • Contains 0 g of salt.
      • It has 23 mg of raspberry and grapefruit juice.
      • Provides 21.3 mg of caffeine.
      • It has 5 mg of guarana.
      • Provides 5 mg of green tea.

      Recommended daily dose of Actif Carbo Load

      • As a dietary supplement, it is recommended to take half the bottle before and after physical workouts.
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      B tardes se toma media antes y media despues osea una botella entera no?
      2021-10-06 14:56:08 Placido
      Exacto, media botella antes y media post-entrenamiento.
      2021-10-06 16:59:00 Joel
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