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Tarrinas PR-OU - 120 g

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Tarrinas PR-OU from PR-OU Egg Protein is a delicious dessert made from high-quality egg white, ready to be consumed at any time. Enjoy these tarrinas, which provide 14 grams of protein. They also have a high content of BCAAs (branched chain amino acids) and glutamine. Do not miss out on its smooth texture and incredible taste!

    • Gluten FreeGluten Free
    • Lactose FreeLactose Free

      Tarrinas PR-OU from PR-OU Egg Protein: the most delicious and healthiest form that egg white can take. Delight yourself with its exquisite taste!

      Tarrinas PR-OU from PR-OU Egg Protein are desserts made from egg white, a delicacy that is also incredibly nutritious. Every tarrina contributes to your diet 14 grams of protein of indisputable quality, including BCAAs (branched chain amino acids) and glutamine.

      This product is available in delicious flavors, which make it an ideal snack after a meal or as a healthy collation to take throughout the day. Few products offer you a more practical and pleasant way to incorporate amino acids into your diet. You can consume it without problems if you are training, on a diet to lose weight or if you just want to taste an appetizing snack that is easy to consume at all times.

      Enjoy without problems the delicious taste of Tarrinas PR-OU from PR-OU Egg Protein. They have been lightly sweetened with sucralose and do not have sugars or saturated fats. In addition, each unit has just 50 calories and are easily digested. By consuming them, you will be making an important contribution of amino acids to your body, which is something you need to strengthen your muscles and enjoy a good level of energy. Its select egg white content offers you a healthy treat that you can eat as a snack or refreshment. You will improve the consumption of protein, without having to do a calorie count, since those are scarce in this product.

      All your loved ones can enjoy Tarrinas PR-OU from PR-OU Egg Protein. Moreover, it has to be your choice for dessert if you want to enjoy a soft and appetizing delicacy. Unlike other desserts available on the market, it only contains ingredients beneficial for your health. It can be included in your slimming diet. Its delicious flavor will give you a very pleasant moment, without promoting to overweight. On the contrary, its properties contribute to maintain the muscle mass your body currently carries, which is essential to gain ground to the accumulation of fat. It is the perfect snack to supplement a healthy diet. So, pick one of the incredible flavors and give yourself one of the best pleasures of life.

      Facts of Tarrinas PR-OU de PR-OU Egg Proteín

      • Contributes 14 grams of protein.
      • Provides BCAAs and glutamine.
      • Helps to gain muscle mass.
      • Boosts the levels of energy.
      • Improves recovery.
      • Quickly absorbed.
      • Suitable for sports diets.

      Tarrinas PR-OU from PR-OU Egg Protein is a very delicious dessert that you should give yourself the pleasure of trying. It is essentially high-quality pure egg white turned into an exquisite dessert available in various flavors. Consume protein in an appetizing and healthy way, knowing that it will not harm your diet or your work in the gym. In fact, it is a delicacy that everyone can enjoy.

      Recommended use: consume 1 tarrina before or after training. Moderate its daily consumption, do not exceed 2 units.

      Customer reviews: Tarrinas PR-OU - 120 g

      1 Reviews
      the have a lot of flavours and they are all tasty
      Questions and answers
      Hola, Cuanta dias de caducidad suelen tener? Para poder saber cuandos comprar, gracias
      2020-05-07 11:08:44 Lucia
      Hola Lucia! Suelen venir con un margen de 1 mes, mes y medio hasta su fecha de caducidad. Un saludo!
      2020-05-07 13:14:43 Joel
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      Buenas tardes, ¿Podrían facilitarme la composición y sus valores nutricionales? Gracias.
      2019-03-31 20:12:21 Sandra
      Hola Sandra, buenos días. Le dejo la información por cada 100 gramos, tenga en cuenta que cada tarrina contiene 120 gr. Valor nutricional(100gr): valor energético(213KJ/50kcal), grasas 0,3g (de las cuales ácidos grasos saturados 0g), hidratos de carbono 0,5g (de los cuales azúcares 0g), proteínas(11,3gr), sal (sodio)(no añadidos) 0,3g (0,12g). Un saludo.
      2019-04-01 09:44:40 Rafael
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      tarrinas pr-ou egg cuestan 14 euros el lote de 10 euros o es el precio de cada uno?
      2019-03-06 18:49:03 sonia garcia de la varga
      Hola Sonia, buenos días. El pack de 10 tarrinas tiene un precio actualmente de 14,00€. Un saludo.
      2019-03-07 09:42:32 Rafael
      Add a response
      Hola! se puede comprar un lote de 10 variado? o deben de ser del mismo sabor?
      2018-12-20 19:15:50 monica
      Hola Monica, son las 10 tarrinas del mismo sabor! Un saludo.
      2018-12-21 10:10:28 Joel
      Add a response
      Las envian manteniendo la cadena de frio?, supuestamente deben mantenerse entra 2 y 4 ºC
      2018-08-21 07:19:30 Silvia
      Hola si claro van en un transporte especial para mantenerlos en esa temperaturas. Un saludo
      2018-08-21 10:30:36 Beltran
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