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Tarrina clarbou - 120g

Tarrina Clarbou is an exquisite dessert of Pr-Ou that offers you an excellent contribution of proteins and amino acids in each rich serving. It is a creamy product made with beef and egg white protein, that is why its content is highly nutritious for you. You can enjoy it with the pleasure, since it has not got lactose, gluten, fats, sugars and carbohydrates.

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    Enjoy a nutritious and delicious dessert! Tarrina Clarbou by Pr-Ou arrived to add protein and exquisite creaminess to your day.

    Tarrina Clarbou by Pr-Ou is a delicious dessert that contains a high protein content especially because it is made from 70% egg white (albumin) and with 40% of beef protein. That is why, it is an extremely healthy alternative for your  snack time or at breakfasts. In addition, you will have a better digestion since it is lactose-free and also gluten-free.

    Tarrina Clarbou by Pr-Ou is an excellent dessert at your disposal. It has a delicious Cappuccino flavour that you can enjoy however or wherever you want. It is packaged in a convenient container which is very easy to refrigerate. You will be pleased with its delicious creamy texture and its a delicate aroma.

    Tarrina Clarbou by Pr-Ou, unlike common desserts, it does not contain lactose, sugars, fats, carbohydrates, nor gluten. Therefore, you will be able to enjoy it completely (do not worry about keeping a slim body or following your daily diet) since it simply will not make you increase your weight or add nutrients that are not suitable for your eating plan. This product, which is light and healthy, allows you to have a better digestion and also to enjoy its authentic flavour.

    This rich Tarrina Clarbou by Pr-Ou will give you a moment of pleasure, but at the same time, nutritious. Each serving will give you about 14g of protein, absolutely obtained from natural egg white and beef proteins. These proteins will help you to cover a part of the protein requirements of a day and it will also contribute to some extent to improve your muscle tissues, especially if you practise exercise and keep a fitness lifestyle. In addition, this protein combination adds a good part of BCAAs and glutamine, these nutrients being the most eaten by athletes.

    This delicious and nutritious Tarrina Clarbou by Pr-Ou can be eaten whenever you like. The perfect moment is when you need to have some immediate and easy energy. It is a good idea to have it as a snack after training or at the office break. The nutritious and healthy contribution is a great option to nourish and at the same time, to enjoy an excellent dessert.

    Benefits of Tarrina Clarbou by Pr-Ou 

    • It is a creamy dessert with an excellent flavour
    • It is made with egg white and beef protein
    • It has no lactose, no sugars, no fats, nor carbohydrates
    • It is gluten free
    • It has a high protein content, about 14g per serving
    • It provides 3g of BCAAs and 2g of glutamine

    Please yourself with Tarrina Clarbou by Pr-Ou. It has the richest protein and it is the most perfect dessert for your well-being. The best and strongest athletes will be pleased!

    Recommended use: try this Tarrina Clarbou by Pr-Ou whenever you want. Maybe you can have it at snack time, or at breakfast.

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