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Flanprou from PR-OU Egg Protein ​​is an egg-based product that you can enjoy on any diet. It is a healthy product that lacks added sugars. Have this delicious dessert on hand that you can enjoy if you take care of yourself. You can also consume it if you do not care of yourself, because it contains a delicious flavor that everyone can enjoy.

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    Flanprou from PR-OU Egg Protein is a delicious creme caramel custard, but in a very nutritional format. It is a delight for your mouth. It contains no added sugar!

    Flanprou from PR-OU Egg Protein is the usual flan, with egg that is one of the best protein sources. It contains no added sugars, making it a delight you cannot miss. Enjoy it no matter if you are on a diet or if you are doing high-intensity workouts! Flanprou from PR-OU Egg Protein is also a marvelous dessert that you can enjoy just for the pleasure of tasting an extraordinary sweetness.

    Main characteristics of Flanprou from PR-OU Egg Protein:

    • Provides proteins of great biological value.
    • Contains no added sugars.
    • Can be taken on any type of diet.

    What does Flanprou from PR-OU Egg Protein provide?

    Flanprou from PR-OU Egg Protein comes in packages containing 100 g of creme caramel custard.

    Each of this creme caramel custard provides the following contents:

    • 64 kcal of energy.
    • 2.1 g of fats, including 0.8 g of saturated fat, 1.1 g of monounsaturated fat and 0.2 g of polyunsaturated fat.
    • 1.5 g of carbohydrates, including 0.5 g of sugars.
    • 3.35 g of fiber.
    • 8 g of protein.

    What is achieved by taking Flanprou from PR-OU Egg Protein?

    Flanprou from PR-OU Egg Protein is a delicious dessert that is also a not-fattening product. It is made from eggs and contains no added sugars that can harm your figure. You can enjoy a sweet and delicious taste, along with an excellent dose of protein and extraordinary nutrients for your daily diet. It is the perfect product for any diet and contributes favorably with much-needed amino acids to strengthen muscles and get energy. It has a very tempting flavor that makes it perfect that will be the pleasure for all.

    You can enjoy an excellent crème caramel custard by taking FlanProu from Pro-OU Egg Protein. Taking care of yourself does not mean you cannot indulge in something tasty in a healthy way. You just have to choose a delicacy that contains a low sugar content. And that is what this delicious dessert will provide you with an irresistible flavor, but using ingredients that do not affect body weight. It is the crème caramel custard that you have always loved, which has been made in a nutritious way so that you can taste it without worrying about your diet.

    Flanprou from PR-OU Egg Protein is excellent to taste also if you practice sports. It contributes favorably with your level of amino acids, which is necessary to strengthen your muscle mass, and also to have a good level of energy. Feel free to consume this snack after workouts or as a delicious snack between meals. It provides an amazing flavor for your kids who will love these crème caramel custards. It is a delicacy that you have to give your loved ones a try.

    How to take Flanprou from PR-OU Egg Protein?

    • Taste as a dessert or snack, to the taste of consumer.
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