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Protein.Buzz is a line of products that offers high-level results with pure formulas made with carefully chosen essential ingredients.

The objective of this line is to provide its customers with high performance nutritional supplements, basing the effectiveness of its products on a staff of highly qualified experts, advanced technological quality and a manufacturing process with strict health controls. But not for that reason the price is more expensive. One of the characteristics of the brand's products is their excellent price-quality ratio.

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SUMMERVitamin c 1000 - 100 tablets
Vitamin C 1000 - 100 tabletsVitamine C
Vitamin C 1000 from Protein Buzz is a dietary supplement that balances your diet with the most...
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SUMMERVitamin c 1000 - 500 tablets
Vitamin C 1000 - 500 tabletsVitamine C
Vitamin C 1000 from Protein Buzz is a dietary supplement that balances your diet with the most...
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SUMMER100% whey - 3000g
100% Whey - 3000 gWhey Protein
100% Whey from Protein Buzz promotes the building of lean muscle mass, prevents catabolism and...
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SUMMER19% dtoBcaa powder 4:1:1 - 500g
Powdered BCAA 4:1:1 - 500gBCAAs
BCAA Powder 4:1:1 from Protein.Buzz increases muscle volume and maintains lean muscle mass by...
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SUMMER30% dtoOmega 3 - 300 softgels
Omega-3 - 300 softgelsOmega 3
Omega-3 from Protein Buzz is a food supplement that provides you with about 1000 mg of 100%...
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SUMMERVita day - 90 tabs
Vita Day - 90 TabletsMultivitamin Complexes
The only vitamin supplement on the market designed to boost your performance is Vita Day, 21...
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SUMMERMass gainer - 1000g
Mass gainer - 1000gGainers
Mass Gainer is a dietary supplement designed to build muscle. Protein.Buzz makes this formula...
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SUMMERL-Glutamine - 500g Protein Buzz - 1
L-Glutamine - 500gGlutamine
L-Glutamine is manufactured by Protein.Buzz and was designed to achieve the increase and...
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ProteinBuzz has been developed for athletes, professionals and amateurs, fitness lovers and people who take care of their health, who are aware of the main active ingredients they need, prefer extra quality in formulation and are demanding with the effectiveness of the supplements they consume. Thus, the brand strictly attends to the quality of the products that leave its factory and meets the expectations of its consumers.

The quality guarantee of this line is based on the results, of which the popular 100% Whey, Premium quality whey protein concentrate with amino acids, Mass Gainer, with high-calorie carbohydrates and a protein complex with extra amino acids, Nitrox Boost, the pre-workout formula flavored with creatine transport system powder, 100% L-Glutamine, BCAA Powder, Amino Mega, Carni 1000, Thermo storm, Tribulus, Vita Día, among many others. others.

The Protein.Buzz line of nutritional supplements provides athletes and lovers of healthy living with safe products that meet all health care and performance needs, for pre-training, intra- or post-training. And all of their products are very competitively priced, taking into account the high quality and effectiveness of their formulas, even though some of the line's high-performance supplements outperform many of their peers on the market and can be purchased at a much lower price.