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Detox cell - 90 capsules

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Detox Cell from ProCell, is a supplement that has been made from Coriander, Milk Thistle, Dandelion, Artichoke, N-acetyl cysteine, Uva Ursi extract, Glutathione, and with the Digezyme patent, it is a product that gives us an incredible detoxifying and very powerful purifying effect, protects our intestinal flora, gives us a good absorption of nutrients, among other effects.

      Detox Cell from ProCell is a nutritional supplement that helps us detoxify and purify our body.

      Detox Cell from ProCell is one of the strongest detoxifiers and purifiers that you will find on the market, to take care of all our organs, made from Coriander, Milk Thistle, Dandelion, Artichoke, N-acetyl cysteine, Uva Ursi extract, Glutathione, and with the Digezyme patent, to provide us with a good absorption of all nutrients, together with a combination of the best probiotics with the Lactose Free patent to take care of our intestinal flora and make it suitable for anyone who is lactose intolerant.

      This mixture of the best detoxifiers on the market with Milk Thistle (exactly 80% silymarin is its main active ingredient), one of the best diuretics and liver purifiers that exist, with the extract of Dandelion (with great purity, exactly with 2% inulin taraxacum), the plant that together with milk thistle has shown greater scientific evidence as a cleanser and diuretic to regulate hypertension problems, or excess fluid retention, without forgetting the artichoke, the main diuretic and more recognized, capable of increasing diuresis like the two great supernutrients mentioned above, improving the regeneration of the hepatocyte of the liver.

      As it contains N-Acetyl Cysteine, it is also an adjuvant in respiratory diseases and a regenerator of the intestinal mucosa and a great help to fight viruses and flu symptoms, together with Glutathione (in a reduced form that increases its beneficial potential), it provides a regenerative liver effect and a very powerful antioxidant in our body, and if we add to this the effect of Vitamin C, the best known antioxidant, it gives us a great antioxidant combo to improve our immune system, we make this one of the most complete supplements on the market.

      It also contains Coriander, a natural antibiotic to improve our intestinal microbiota, and thus improve our immune system, since coriander helps eliminate those harmful bacteria that are in excess and enhances the beneficial bacteria for our body, the latter together with the Lactose Free probiotic complex, help to repopulate the microbiota unbeatable thanks to the contribution of Bifidobacterium bifidum longum, Lactobacillus acidophilus longum, Lactobacillus bulgaricus longum, lactobacillus casei, etc. in an amount of 10x10 to 9 CFU.

      This product is enhanced as a regenerator of our endocrine system due to the addition of other extracts such as Uva ursi, of great quality with a 4: 1 purity, and also contains Marshmallow extract and magnesium carbonate, which the latter It is a great cleanser and a good natural laxative to eliminate all toxins that we may contain in our body, all these ingredients make this great super product a powerful and effective complex to improve our health and that of our organs.

      Specifications per dose (2 capsules):

      • Provides 4.48 kcal of energy value.
      • Includes 400 mg of protein.
      • It houses 650 mg of carbohydrates, of which 30 mg are sugars.
      • It contains 20 mg of fat, of which 20 mg are saturated.

      Buy at this moment the incredible Detox Cell from ProCell, a nutritional product that provides us with an amazing detoxifying and very strong cleansing effect, and not only that, but it has other benefits for us such as protecting our intestinal flora, offering us a good absorption of the nutrients, among other positive effects, so don't wait any longer and buy it NOW!

      Use and recommendations: You should take a daily dose of 2 capsules daily.

      Customer reviews: Detox cell - 90 capsules

      1 Reviews
      As I understand it, milk thistle or silymarin or even liv52 are the best liver protectors out there but I am going to try it because they have told me very well about the product and the truth is that nothing to do with those mentioned, see if it is stronger
      90 capsules
      Questions and answers
      Buenos días, he adquirido el producto Detox Cell de ProCell pero desconozco la pauta de cuantos días seguidos y descanso sería lo adecuado para tomarlo. Gracias, un saludo.
      2022-02-11 14:08:38 Jose
      Hola Jose, el uso del producto Detox Cell de ProCell es preventivo o como ayuda para algún problema de salud (en este caso, es recomendable consultar con un médico). Puedes tomarlo el tiempo que necesites sin problema, ya que no contiene ningún ingrediente nocivo. Puedes estar tranquilo.
      2022-02-11 16:59:24 RUBEN
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