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Melatonin + b6 vitamin - 50 ml

Melatonin + B6 from Prisma Natural is the way to complement a healthy diet for people who have some type of allergy or intolerance to the intake of certain foods such as lactose or gluten, for this reason, it is ideal for celiacs. In addition, thanks to one of its active elements, Melatonin allows you to fall asleep in a restorative way.

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    Melatonin + B6 from Prisma Natural is the nutritional supplement that provides a restful sleep while providing the benefits of Vitamin B6 that positively affects the hormonal balance and the immune system.

    Melatonin + B6 from Prisma Natural is rich in Vitamin B6, which is why it is indicated for those people who cannot consume this vitamin complex naturally through foods such as fish, potatoes, milk or wheat because they are allergic to them, however, they require of the health benefits of consuming this vitamin.

    Likewise, the Melatonin + B6 from Prisma Natural offers the properties of the darkness hormone, thus achieving a peaceful sleep during normal night hours and then waking up with energy, vitality and of course, in a very good mood thanks to the pyrodoxin or Vitamin B6 that improves the state of mind.

    Essential aspects of Melatonin + B6 from Prisma Natural

    • Restore restful sleep
    • Does not create dependency once accustomed to normal hours of sleep
    • Suitable for allergy sufferers and celiacs
    • Contributes to hormonal balance
    • Improves mood
    • Produces antibodies
    • Stabilizes the normal development of the neurological system

    Ingredients and format of Melatonin + B6 from Prisma Natural

    This effective Melatonin + B6 product from Prisma Natural is presented in an easy-to-administer 50 ml Spay.

    Among its ingredients we can find the following in the composition of a spray:

    • Demineralized water
    • Moisturizer (Glycerin)
    • Conservative (Potassium Sorbate)
    • Melatonin 1mg and
    • Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine Hydrochloride) 0.28mg
    • Free of GMO or genetically modified ingredients
    • It does not have additives

    What is achieved with Melatonin + B6 from Prisma Natural?

    This perfect combination of Melatonin + B6 from Prisma Natural allows very favorable results for neurological health because it mainly allows to restore the hours of sleep that are lost due to insomnia disorders or other conditions that contribute to the loss of normal sleep.

    The conciliation of sleep through this natural product manages to sleep safely and effectively without worrying about the dependence that it may produce, because this supplement, unlike many sleeping medications, does not achieve that effect, nor does it decrease the response after habituation or experiencing a hangover effect.

    Additionally, to this benefit, this supplement provides all the contributions of vitamin B6 which actively contributes to the proper functioning of the neurological system and can be seen in the good spirits of those who consume it regularly. Likewise, its positive effects on the production of antibodies contribute significantly to avoiding health ailments, thus keeping the immune system regulated.

    How do you take Melatonin + B6 from Prisma Natural?

    • Take 1 sublingual spray at night.
    • This product should be kept away from children.
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