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Magnesium - 60 capsules

Magnesium from Prisma Natural is the food supplement to achieve an effective bioavailability of magnesium in those people lacking the presence of this mineral naturally in the body, contributing quickly and efficiently to the proper functioning of the nervous system while, in addition, reducing the fatigue and exhaustion.

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    Magnesium from Prisma Natural allows it to be that ideal food supplement to compensate for the lack of this mineral in the body, providing beneficial properties for the nervous system while reducing tiredness and fatigue

    Magnesium from Prisma Natural is made from magnesium citrate, which makes it the ideal supplement for the lack of this element that is a structural part of the bone system, as well as blood, muscles and various tissues that make up the body. Therefore, its due supplementation with Magnesium from Prisma Natural manages to restore its deficiency, favoring the maintenance of hair, nails, bones and joints in a very effective way.

    In addition, the Magnesium of Prisma Natural manages to alleviate the muscle cramps that usually occur in workouts and daily exercise routines, becoming an effective muscle relaxant.

    Essential Aspects of Natural Prism Magnesium

    • Promotes the proper functioning of the nervous system
    • Helps reduce exhaustion and fatigue
    • Alleviates episodes of muscle cramps
    • Reduces high blood sugar levels
    • Control cholesterol
    • Allows the proper maintenance of tissues, muscles and bones
    • Promotes healthy support for hair and nails

    Ingredients and format of Magnesium from Prisma Natural

    This effective product, Magnesium from Prisma Natural, is presented in a container with 60 capsules of 636.81 mg

    Among its ingredients we can find the following:

    • It has magnesium citrate
    • Anti-caking agents: Magnesium stearate, Silicon dioxide
    • Vegetable Capsule: Coating Agent (Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose)

    What is achieved with the Magnesium of Natural Prism?

    Regular consumption of Magnesium from Prisma Natural is ideal for the health of the organism, especially in the correct regulation of the functioning of the muscles, as well as the nervous system. Likewise, it allows to control high levels of sugar in the blood, and blood pressure. Together, it helps in the formation of protein, bone mass, and the genetic material present in cells known as DNA. The amount the body needs will depend on the age of the person, gender and how your body is.

    In such a way, it will not be the same amount that a 30-year-old pregnant woman requires as a 23-year-old young man who practices sports or a 60-year-old woman. However, the nutrient reference values indicate an average consumption between 130 mg and 360 mg, so that each 2 capsule has a content of 160 mg of magnesium, which corresponds to the 47.67% that indicates the average NRV.

    How is the Magnesium in Prisma Natural consumed?

    • It is recommended the daily intake of 1 to 2 Magnesium capsules from Prisma Natural accompanied by a glass of water.
    • It must be kept out of the reach of children.
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