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Glutamine + Probiotics - 30 sticks

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Glutamine + Probiotics from Prisma Natural is an incredible dietary supplement like no other on the market, since it provides a unique formula that makes it ideal for high-intensity physical activity. It also provides great muscle recovery and protects your body in an exceptional way making it the best option if you want to get the most out of your training routine.

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    Strengthen your muscles and health in general by using Glutamine + Probiotics from Natural Prisma, the ideal dietary supplement for highly proficient athletes.

    Glutamine + Probiotics from Prisma Natural is a complete high-quality dietary supplement which provides athletes with great benefits in order to maintain a high level of performance in their workouts. This product provides a powerful formula made from glutamine, an amino acid that intervenes in the composition of proteins to keep cells in good condition and repairs the tissues, which helps you maintain your muscle mass, promotes recovery more quickly and effectively and protects you from muscle injuries. It also contains the action of 100% natural probiotics that strengthen the immune system, help the proper balance of gut flora, thus improving the digestive system and promoting the absorption of glutamine, making it a product with unique properties on the market.


    What is Glutamine + Probiotics from Prisma Natural?

    • Ideal for high-intensity physical activities.
    • Protects the body.
    • Helps maintain healthy muscles.
    • Aids physical recovery.
    • Protects from muscle injuries.
    • Strengthens the immune system.
    • Improves the digestive system.
    • Ideal for highly proficient athletes.
    • 100% natural product.


    Ingredients and format of Glutamine + Probiotics from Prisma Natural:

    This amazing dietary supplement is quickly absorbed in the body, as it comes in sticks that provide you with perfect and adequate serving of the product.

    Content per serving (1 stick):

    • 2000 mg of l-glutamine.
    • 1000 mg of lactobacillus acidophilus W221.
    • 375 mg of inulin.
    • 333 mg of lactobacillus plantarum W21.
    • 333 mg of lactococcus lactis W19.
    • 333 mg of bifidobacterium lactis W51.


    Benefits of Glutamine + Probiotics from Prisma Natural:

    Glutamine + Probiotics from Prisma Natural has a high dose of glutamine that is found in muscle tissue in a very abundant way and greatly favors muscle recovery after high-intensity sports practices. It is totally beneficial for muscle health, as it is completely useful for muscle replacement after high-intensity and excessively long workouts. Plus, it contains a high dose of probiotics that help strengthen and increase defenses, thus improving the immune system, helping to regenerate the gut flora, improving health to a great extent. In addition, it allows the optimal absorption of glutamine that provides great benefits to your muscles optimally, thus allowing you to perform more efficiently in your physical training.

    It is designed for athletes who want to achieve their goals faster and effective. It is ideal for highly proficient athletes who need to increase their endurance level. It is also ideal for athletes who exert high pressure on their muscles and need a quick recovery, just like those who lift weights on a regular basis. Glutamine + Probiotics from Prisma Natural is the perfect dietary supplement that not only provides benefits to your sports performance but also to general health. Do not wait any longer and buy it RIGHT NOW!


    How to take Glutamine + Probiotics from Prisma Natural?

    • Take one (1) stick.
    • Take at the time you prefer, especially before workouts.
    • Take one (1) stick a day.

    Customer reviews: Glutamine + Probiotics - 30 sticks

    3 Reviews
    fantastic easy to digest glutamine
    great glutamine from a great brand that never fails to amaze. ,
    Glutamine that apart from improving digestion comes with probiotics so that its function is even greater. I take it on an empty stomach and it works great.
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