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Protein crrrunchy - 500g

Protein Crrrunchy from Power Labs are delicious protein spheres based on crunchy cereal. Ideal to add as a topping to a variety of desserts such as ice cream, pancakes and more. Contributes to a healthy diet rich in protein. You can not miss it!

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      PowerLabs Protein Crunch

      • They are delicious protein spheres, special to use as a topping in ice creams and other desserts. Made from crunchy extruded cereal with cocoa butter and casein as a source of protein.

      What is PowerLabs Protein Crrrunchy taken for?

      • They are consumed as a delicious protein and healthy snack that contributes to a balanced and protein-rich diet.

      Why buy Protein Crrrunchy ?

      • They are super crunchy cereal spheres that will give a special touch to a variety of desserts.

      • Rich in high quality protein.

      • They can be consumed alone directly from the container.

      • They are sweet and delicious.

      • Its ingredients are of completely natural origin.

      • It comes in different flavors and presentations to choose from.

      • Suitable for kosher and halal diets.

      How is Protein Crrrunchy taken?

      • Consume directly or add as a topping on ice creams and other healthy and high-protein desserts.

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      Hola me gustaría saber si llevan azúcar y si sirven como alimento saludable, gracias.
      2022-11-16 13:57:10 Coral
      Hola Coral, el poco azúcar que contiene este producto es para saborizarlo, conservarlo y corregir la acidez. No debe pasar del 5% del total. Está diseñado para complementar una dieta saludable. Espero que esta información te haya sido útil.
      2022-11-16 14:02:56 RUBEN
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