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L-Glutamine - 500 g

L-Glutamine from Power Labs is one of the best supplements on the market. This quality is guaranteed by Kyowa brand, as it achieves a pharmaceutical grade. Kyowa brand is a benchmark in amino acids, thanks to the quality union and innovation in its manufacturing processes. Kyowa manufactures amino acids derived from plant fermentation, so its amino acids do not have any chemical or synthetic products.

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    L-Glutamine from Power Labs is very effective to regain muscle strength after high-intensity workouts.

    Its consumption guarantees a speedy recovery, in addition to reducing the chances of a muscle catabolism. In other words, it avoids the muscle degradation when your energy reserves are almost zero.

    In addition, L-Glutamine from Power Labs properly neutralizes the effects of excess lactic acidosis on muscles, known as buffer effect, which is most responsible for the onset of fatigue and possible muscle fatigue.

    L-Glutamine from Power Labs protects us from the possibility of getting sick, strengthening our immune system, especially in athletes who do high-intensity workouts and encouraging muscle development.

    People, who have low levels of glutamine provided by this food supplement, probably may have digestive disorders. In fact, glutamine protects the lining of the intestines and the lining of the stomach, preventing gastrointestinal irritation and also possible infections.

    For this reason, in case of abdominal pain after meals or throughout the day, supplementation with this L-Glutamine from Power Labs may be your best solution, since it will act as a nutrient and protector.

    Content per dose (100 g) of L-Glutamine from Power Labs:

    • 1604 Kj / ​​364 Kcal of energy.
    • 0.01 g of fats, of which 0.01 g are saturated fats.
    • 2.55 g of carbohydrates, of which 0.32 g are sugars.
    • 95.92 g of protein.
    • 0.01 g of salt.
    • 95 g of glutamine.

    Components and format of L-Glutamine from Power Labs:

    This food supplement comes in a 500 g container.

    Among its ingredients, we can find the following:

    • Glutamine.

    Glutamine is an energy source for intestinal and immune cells. It also helps maintain the barrier between the intestines and the rest of your body and aids with proper growth of intestinal cells. To put it in the simplest of ways, glutamine can help keep weight off by reducing your food cravings and giving your body more energy. By having enough glutamine in your system, you are better able to lose weight while maintaining muscle mass.

    What is achieved by taking L-Glutamine from Power Labs?

    When doing an exercise or practicing any sport, an oxidation process that directly affects your cells can be triggered off. This process is called oxidative stress and the L-Glutamine from Power Labs is able to avoid it with each intake thanks to the amount of nitrogen it provides. This valuable amino acid is an effective method for regenerating tissues and muscles, since it acts as a muscle ph leveler every day.

    Facts of L-Glutamine from Power Labs:

    • Satisfactorily favors the growth and proper muscle regeneration.
    • Prevents possible muscle loss with each intake.
    • Adequately improves the important intestinal absorption.
    • Remarkably detoxifies the body of nitrogen and ammonia.

    Recommended daily dose of the excellent L-Glutamine from Power Labs:

    • Recommended to make 2 daily intakes, 1 measure of the food supplement with the dispenser (5 g).
    • Should be poured in 250 ml of fresh water or another liquid of your choice.
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