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L-Carnitine - 100 capsules

L-Carnitine from Power Labs is a natural food supplement that increases your physical performance, loses fat and transforms it into muscle. L-carnitine is an excellent substance analogous to vitamins. Although it cannot be considered as vitamin, since it is synthesized in the organism at the level of the organs: liver and kidney, from the important amino acids lysine and methionine.

It helps to satisfactorily maintain the circulatory system and the heart, and also strengthens the heart muscle favoring the conversion of fatty acids into energy.

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    L-Carnitine from Power Labs is essential for transporting long chain fatty acids through the mitochondrial membrane for the subsequent breakdown of fats and energy generation.

    L-carnitine Carnipure is a very special category of the valuable l-carnitine, which is manufactured by the renowned Swiss company Lonza. Food supplements like this excellent L-Carnitine from Power Labs that have this Carnipure seal of quality on the packaging, indicate that they contain the highest quality L-carnitine.

    It plays a fairly fundamental and important role in facilitating the recovery process in response to physical activity. For this reason, the excellent L-Carnitine from Power Labs helps with each intake to protect endothelial cells from l-carnitine deficiency, while helping to reduce tissue damage and muscle pain, in addition to facilitating the recovery process in general.

    Thus, L-Carnitine from Power Labs emerges as a key component in standard formulations for workout and recovery worldwide.

    In the case of weight control, the fundamental objective is to be able to properly decrease fat mass and at the same time be able to preserve the muscle mass. In order to reduce body fat, it must be used to create energy through beta-oxidation.

    L-carnitine is the necessary nutrient to facilitate this conversion of fat into metabolic energy. Given this L-Carnitine from Power Labs can increase beta-oxidation, it saves glucose and reduces amino acid breakdown that favors energy production.

    Facts per 4 capsules of this L-Carnitine from Power Labs:

    • 1740 mg of l-carnitine tartrate, of which 1186.68 mg are l-carnitine.
    • L-carnitine improves recovery after strenuous workouts.
    • Increases blood flow.
    • Decreases metabolic stress.
    • Reduces muscle pain.
    • Facilitates the conversion of fatty acids into energy.

    Components and format of L-Carnitine from Power Labs:

    L-Carnitine from Power Labs comes in a 100-capsule container.

    Among its ingredients, we can find the following:

    • Carnipure (l-carnitine tartrate).

    L-carnitine is an amino acid that performs three very important functions that enhance athletic performance. L-carnitine is the nutrient that shuttles fatty acids from the blood into the mitochondria, the energy producing ¨furnaces¨ in the cell, so that the fatty acids can be used as energy.

    What is achieved by taking L-Carnitine from Power Labs?

    • Works perfectly to transport the fatty acids that arrive from the adipose tissues to the cellular mitochondria, where they will be converted into energy.
    • Reduces daily the possible destruction of muscle mass that can happen with certain incorrect weight loss diets. It is a powerful anti-catabolic.
    • Provides positive impact on VO2, which is quite ideal for long-distance runners and cyclists, since its consumption improves their performance through the efficient use of oxygen to produce energy.
    • Improves recovery capacity with each intake and significantly reduces muscle damage derived from specific bodybuilding workouts.
    • Properly speeds up aerobic carbohydrate metabolism.

    Recommended daily dose of L-Carnitine from Power Labs:

    • You should take 4 capsules a day, 15 minutes before workouts.
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