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Krill - 90 softgels

Krill from Power Labs is a dietary supplement made from superba krill oil, which is obtained from Antarctic krill Euphasia Superba. These softgels offer a concentrated source of Omega-3 fatty acids that support several aspects of a good health. It also contains astaxanthin, phospholipids and choline, as well as EPA and DHA.

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    Krill from Power Labs is a concentrated source of Omega-3 fatty acids.

    Krill from Power Labs is a food supplement that will provide you with Omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA), along with phospholipids, astaxanthin and choline. It is made from Superba Krill Oil, a high-quality Euphasia Superba Antarctic Krill Oil formula. These softgels help support the health of the nervous system, heart system, eyesight and the liver.

    What are the main characteristics of Krill from Power Labs?

    • Krill from Power Labs contains Superba Krill oil.
    • Krill from Power Labs comes in easy-to-take softgels.
    • Krill from Power Labs promotes a good brain, heart, eye and liver health.

    What are the format, composition and ingredients of Krill from Power Labs?

    Krill from Power Labs comes in a 90-softgel bottle.

    Nutrition facts per serving (3 softgels) of Krill from Power Labs:

    • 1770 mg of Krill oil which includes:
    • 265.50 mg of EPA.
    • 123.90 mg of DHA.
    • 0.123 g of choline.
    • 0.18 mg of astaxanthin.

    Why should you take Krill from Power Labs?

    Krill from Power Labs is a dietary supplement made from krill oil extracted from the crustacean of the Antarctic Euphasia Superba. In fact, it has the high-quality Superba Krill formula. It comes softgels that are easily assimilated in the body. In this way, it provides Omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA), as well as choline, astaxanthin and phospholipids.

    In this way, you will have an effective way to guarantee these nutrients in your body, which favors the normal functioning of the nervous system, heart system, liver and the eyesight.

    Supplement your daily diet with Krill from Power Labs and thus promote a good health. In addition to Omega-3, you will receive a boost of phospholipids that are essential for cell membranes. In the same way, you will get choline, which plays a very important role in nerve signaling.

    It cannot be produced by the body, so it is vital to assimilate it through the daily diet. Plus, we can mention astaxanthin that prevents any possible oxidation. In this way, a supplement is obtained that helps in many aspects of health.

    Krill from Power Labs will help you overcome ailments and discomfort in joints, thanks to its anti-inflammatory property. Its consumption also helps reduce triglycerides, which has a better functioning of the heart system. This can be of great help to control and overcome coronary problems.

    Krill from Power Labs also promotes greater distribution of nutrients beyond the blood-brain barrier. And it should not be overlooked that they preserve the normal functioning of the liver, which helps in a better metabolism of fats.

    Recommended daily dose of Krill from Power Labs:

    • Take three (3) softgels of Krill from Power Labs per day.
    • Take one (1) softgel of Krill from Power Labs with each main meal.
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