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DAA Test - 120 tablets

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DAA Test from Power Labs is a supplement that unifies d-aspartic acid and Tribulus terrestri formulated to naturally increase athletes´ stamina and strength, notably improving the size of their muscles and endurance, while contributing to repairing and increasing muscle fibers.

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    DAA Test from Power Labs, strength and stamina in just one single tablet!

    DAA Test from Power Labs contains properties that protect the health of your liver and cardiovascular systems, increases the muscles and recovery. DAA Test from Power Labs is especially recommended for its ingredients that supplement each other, making a difference by increasing its efficiency and keeping the body in perfect harmony with nature.

    DAA Test from Power Labs is an excellent sports supplement, perfect for the development, growth and increase of strength and muscle mass, clearly improving the performance of athletes, their performance in training, providing the necessary energy to face great challenges and competitions.

    What are the main characteristics of DAA Test from Power Labs?

    • Increases strength and muscle mass.
    • Protects liver and cardiovascular systems.
    • Provides diuretic effects.
    • Reduces body fat.
    • Increases strength and stamina.
    • Improves endurance and energy levels.
    • Recommended for athletes.
    • Repair and enlargement of muscle fibers.
    • Better performance when training.

    What does each serving of DAA Test from Power Labs provide?

    DAA Test from Power Labs increases the long-lasting energy levels, especially for those people who are dealing with demanding physical activities, becoming an excellent ally to optimize your endurance and high-performance for any athlete concerned about their workouts and a healthy life.

    DAA Test from Power Labs provides the body with all its power, favoring the excellent functioning of the liver and cardiovascular systems, increased strength, vigor and protected muscle mass. All these benefits, in just one easy-to-swallow tablet, allowing the body to enjoy all its benefits effectively.

    DAA Test from Power Labs is a food supplement made from terrestrial tribulus dry extract, d-aspartic acid, bulking agent, anti-caking agent (magnesium stearate and silicon dioxide), covering agents (gelatin, colorings: E122, E172-I, E172-II, E172-III, E171).

    You can take it with confidence and safety, since it is made from ingredients free of harmful and toxic substances for athlete's health.

    What is d-aspartic acid used for?

    One type of aspartic acid, called d-aspartic acid, is not used to make protein but is used in other body functions. Aspartic acid is commonly used to reduce feelings of tiredness, improve athletic performance, and increase the size and strength of muscles.

    When should you take d-aspartic acid?

    The standard daily dose of DAA ranges from 2000 to 3000 milligrams. DAA is therefore a dietary supplement that is taken daily. However, opinions differ. One study was conducted with a daily dose of 3000 mg for 12 days followed by a one week pause.

    What can be achieved by taking DAA Test from Power Labs?

    DAA Test from Power Labs is strongly recommended for those people who want to achieve great results, for all those who want to improve their physical appearance, for bodybuilders and all those who really need to reinforce, strengthen and improve their muscle mass, energy and vitality.

    DAA Test from Power Labs is easily absorbed, providing your body with adequate levels of its great benefits in each intake, thus becoming the perfect ally for every day.

    Recommended daily dose of DAA Test from Power Labs:

    • Take 2 tablets a day.
    • Take with a meal.
    • Take the daily dose.

    Customer reviews: DAA Test - 120 tablets

    4 Reviews
    5 stars
    4 stars
    aspartic acid is undoubtedly one of the best testosterone percussionists together with tribulus today they are the most powerful on the market really if you want progress this is your sports supplement to break down barriers and sports brands !!!
    a good testosterone percussion since with it I am noticing more strength, resistance and some more volume of lean muscle mass without a doubt if you want to notice the progress with good training and food the supplement does everything afterwards but be good
    DAA TEST is a capsule supplement that contains a new formula to naturally increase testosterone levels thanks to the combination of two very effective ingredients for this purpose: D-Aspartic Acid and Tribulus Terrestris.
    Good product, after 2 months using it and I have been able to notice very considerable results, the energy it gives and strength after its continuous use is very remarkable, it keeps your muscles more swollen and plump, I also feel much more complete and want to improve myself each day
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