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BCAA Micro Instant 2:1:1 - 500 g

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BCAA Micro Instant 2:1:1 from Power Labs is a magnificent powder that provides a triad of essential amino acids: leucine, isoleucine and valine, which combine each other to provide a dietary supplement to the muscles of the human body. It is excellent to take before, during and after you physical training, enhancing your performance and facilitating the muscle recovery.

      BCAA Micro Instant 2:1:1 from Power Labs is the extra you really need to train for much longer!

      BCAA Micro Instant 2:1:1 from Power Labs is a protein powder made from essential amino acids your body cannot generate by its own and that basically are obtained from food. The lack of these amino acids can cause discomfort; for this reason the advanced formula of BCAA Micro Instant 2:1:1 From Power Labs contains leucine, isoleucine and valine, which favor the muscular system reducing muscle damage caused by workouts. It also boosts your energy, allowing you to train much longer.

      Facts of BCAA Micro Instant 2:1:1 from Power Labs:

      • Provides instant powder based on leucine, isoleucine and valine.
      • Provides a high amount of protein to help increase and maintain muscle mass.
      • Allows bones to be kept under normal conditions.
      • Increases energy making you more resistant to long-lasting workouts.
      • Helps muscle recovery.
      • Provides the body with food to prevent it from nourishing on its own tissues and losing muscle mass.

      Ingredients and format of BCAA Micro Instant 2:1:1 from Power Labs:

      BCAA Micro Instant 2:1:1 from Power Labs is a fantastic instant formula that is very easy to prepare. You only need water or another liquid to dissolve the powder and enjoy this spectacular drink with a delicious flavor. It comes in a brand-new and elegant container that you can carry anywhere you want without causing any problem in your bag.

      Contents per dose (10 g):

      • 159 k / 38 kcal of energy.
      • 0.01 g of fats. It contains no saturated fats.
      • 0.30 g of carbohydrates, of which 0.03 g are sugars.
      • 9.20 g of protein.
      • 0.01 g of salt.
      • 4.36 g of l-leucine.
      • 2.29 g of l-isoleucine.
      • 2.29 g of l-valine.

      What is achieved by taking BCAA Micro Instant 2:1:1 from Power Labs?

      Power Labs is a brand that works tirelessly to help you reach your training goals. Therefore, it develops high-quality formulas that provide your body with a great well-being. That is why BCAA Micro Instant 2:1:1 from Power Labs was created. It is a delicious powder to blend that will allow you to achieve your sports goals with no frustrations, since it will provide you with the energy you really need and work as an excellent amino acid and protein carrier so that your muscle mass remains healthy.

      BCAA Micro Instant 2:1:1 from Power Labs is an excellent powder to blend and get the best drink you have tried to enhance your workouts. It is perfect for athletes and people who do high-intensity workout sessions by reducing fatigue and also increasing your energy.

      Recommended daily dose of BCAA Micro Instant 2:1:1 from Power Labs:

      • Take up to 10 g daily, that is 2 measures of the included dispenser, add 250 ml of water and shake well until a homogeneous mixture is achieved.
      • Take before, during or after physical training.
      • Take once a day.

      Customer reviews: BCAA Micro Instant 2:1:1 - 500 g

      3 Reviews
      A very notable product in terms of resistance improvement, thanks to the delay in the onset of fatigue and recovery that the product offers. Although its dissolution is a bit expensive, the flavor is quite good (mandarin and mango). Great chat service! ;)
      500 g
      I usually buy this product and mix it with l-glutamine of the same brand, adding the right amounts for me and not buying a pre-mixed product. Very good quality of these branches, allowing a reduction of fatigue and better recovery.
      500 g
      A very good Power Labs, they have released a wide variety of products and, so far, all the ones tested so far have left good impressions on me. These BCAAs are ideal to take post-workout, especially if we add creatine to the combo. Flavor fruits of the forest, the best that I have been able to taste in aminos.
      500 g
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