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BCAA + Glutamine 6:1:1 - 500 g

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BCAA + Glutamine 6:1:1 from Power Labs is a dietary supplement based on branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), truly important nutrients that will help in the development and healthy growth of muscles and their optimal recovery after physical effort. This product is also enriched with glutamine, another highly important amino acid that reinforces these great benefits.

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    Get high-quality muscles by taking BCAA + Glutamine 6:1:1 from Power Labs, a food supplement that will improve your performance and recovery after your workouts.

    BCAA + Glutamine 6:1:1 from Power Labs is a food supplement with extraordinary effectiveness, since it is made from branched-chain amino acids or BCAAs (leucine, isoleucine and valine), in a ratio of 6:1:1, which makes it unique on the market, providing more quantity of leucine, the most important amino acid of the BCAAs. Leucine is deeply involved in the development and growth of healthy muscle mass and its recovery.

    On the other hand, this product is enriched with glutamine, an essential nutrient present in muscle mass and which contributes to its maintenance and protection. Therefore, it acts synergistically with branched-chain amino acids and makes it, without a doubt, one of the best sports supplements currently available on the market.

    BCAA + Glutamine 6:1:1 from Power Labs acts in the metabolic activation the body uses for protein synthesis, so it includes 6 times more leucine than the other two branched-chain amino acids, in order to ensure maximum effectiveness.

    What are the characteristics of BCAA + Glutamine 6:1:1 from Power Labs?

    • Food supplement based on branched-chain amino acids and glutamine.
    • Free of sugars and fats.
    • Protects muscle mass from disintegration.
    • Supports muscle growth.
    • Helps prevent muscle catabolism.
    • Contributes to optimal muscle recovery.
    • Reduces fatigue.
    • Increases endurance.
    • Strengthens the immune system.
    • Highly bioavailable.
    • Provides three delicious flavors.

    What does BCAA + Glutamine 6:1:1 from Power Labs provide?

    This food supplement comes in powder, making it very easy to take. It also has the appropriate amounts of its ingredients, without harmful artificial components, making it safer and reliable.

    Content per dose (30 g, flavor: lemon), the values ​​can vary according to taste:

    • 115 Kcal of energy.
    • 0.12 mg of carbohydrates, of which 0.23 mg are sugars.
    • 28.53 g of protein.
    • 17.753.06 mg of l-glutamine.
    • 8.542.8 mg of l-leucine.
    • 1423.8 mg of l-isoleucine.
    • 1423.8 mg of l-valine.

    Benefits of BCAA + Glutamine 6:1:1 from Power Labs:

    BCAA + Glutamine 6:1:1 from Power Labs is a food supplement that will provide you with the most important amino acids deeply involved in the development and growth of healthy muscle mass. So it will surely help you achieve your goals more quickly and effectively, in addition to improving your performance by training in a guaranteed way, increasing endurance and supporting recovery. It is definitely your best option.

    BCAA + Glutamine 6:1:1 from Power Labs is ideal for athletes who seek a formula based on amino acids that contributes to their goals in a completely natural and healthy way, thus collaborating with a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

    Recommended daily dose of BCAA + Glutamine 6:1:1 from Power Labs:

    • Dissolve 15 g (3 measures of its dispenser) with water.
    • Take before and after workouts.
    • Take the dose twice a day.

    Customer reviews: BCAA + Glutamine 6:1:1 - 500 g

    5 Reviews
    5 stars
    4 stars
    Perfect supplement and of very good quality, facilitating the recovery process and improving physical performance. It dissolves quite well for an amino acid supplement and it tastes great (orange). As for the service, everything is perfect, as MM is used to! ;)
    A strange ratio, never seen before, but it works very well, especially during intra-training. The product dissolves very well and provides, not only a better recovery during training, but also a pleasant and refreshing flavor (lemon-lime).
    A ratio quite different from what is usual. In my case I am using it intra-training and, the truth is, it is doing me quite well, noticing greater resistance and recovery during the session. In addition, the lemon flavor comes in really well, especially fresh.
    It is already the third boat that I buy and, honestly, I am not changing it for any other. The recovery that I notice and the great performance I have lately have not been felt with another similar BCAA supplement. Very, very happy with him and continue to progress !!
    I have never seen a ratio like this in another BCAA supplement and, the truth is, it works perfectly, since I notice less fatigue while training and better recovery from one day to the next. The lemon-lime flavor is great, very cool after training feels great.
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