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Ride energy bar - 55g

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The Ride Energy Bar from PowerBar is a delicious snack that provides you with energy and protein for any active lifestyle, athlete or athlete. The PowerBar Ride Energy Bar is formulated with a special mix of nutrients, protein, carbohydrates and magnesium; that help improve metabolism and offer lasting energy that will increase your physical performance.

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    Ride Energy Bar from PowerBar, the product that offers you a delicious, healthy and nutritious way to improve your physical condition, with an excellent supply of energy and protein.

    How attractive does being able to obtain long-lasting and effective energy sound to your body, while enjoying a delicious bite? Well today we offer you a product that can give you that and more. PowerBar Ride Energy Bar is a delicious snack, consisting of a rich cookie covered by a layer of chocolate, with an exceptional flavor, and which at the same time has a load of nutrients such as carbohydrates and proteins of excellent quality. With the Ride Energy Bar from PowerBar you are able to provide your body with extra lasting and effective energy to improve your physical and sports performance, and to keep your energy metabolism in the best conditions, thanks to its magnesium content, a mineral that further enhances the powerful formula of this product. PowerBar Ride Energy Bar does not contain artificial colors, added sugars or preservatives, making it suitable for anyone and any diet, including vegetarians.

    What is the PowerBar Ride Energy Bar ?

    • Provides a good amount of long-lasting energy for your body
    • Better your physical performance
    • Enriched with protein, carbohydrates and magnesium
    • Contains ingredients of the best quality
    • It is a delicious, nutritious and healthy energy bar
    • Promotes normal energy metabolism
    • Ideal for sportsmen and fitness athletes
    • It is the perfect and delicious snack to enjoy between meals
    • Helps muscle recovery
    • Improves muscle strength
    • It has a delicious chocolate coating
    • Has no preservative colors or artificial ingredients
    • It is suitable for vegetarians

    What does the Ride Energy Bar provide?

    The PowerBar Ride Energy Bar is an excellent energy and nutritional product that contains the best quality ingredients, among which magnesium, proteins and carbohydrates stand out.

    Content per bar (55 gr) coconut-hazelnut caramel flavor (these values may change depending on the flavor):

    • Content per bar (55 gr) coconut-hazelnut caramel flavor
    • It has an energy value of 227 Kcal
    • Provides 27 grams of carbohydrates and 10 grams of high-quality protein
    • Contains 2.5 grams of fiber
    • Enriched with 79.8 mg of magnesium
    • Its values may vary depending on the flavor

    What is achieved with the PowerBar Ride Energy Bar ?

    The PowerBar Ride Energy Bar is a delicious-tasting chocolate covered energy bar designed to help meet your body's daily demands for protein and carbohydrates. Its formula guarantees an extra supply of effective energy to improve physical performance and in any activity in which you need to maintain the necessary push to carry it out effectively. In addition to this, the protein content of the PowerBar Ride Energy Bar helps to strengthen muscles, help their recovery and support their growth. The PowerBar Ride Energy Bar is perfect to consume as a snack, between meals or as a delicious snack whenever you want or need it. It is perfectly healthy and safe to consume.

    The PowerBar Ride Energy Bar is ideal for fitness athletes or any other sport, it can even be used by anyone with an active lifestyle that requires maintaining their energy metabolism under normal conditions.

    How to consume the Ride Energy Bar?

    • As a Snack, consume a PowerBar Ride Energy Bar
    • It can be consumed as a snack, snack or between meals
    • For athletes, it is perfect to consume before or after training.

    Customer reviews: Ride energy bar - 55g

    3 Reviews
    Good bar at a very cheap price that is great to pamper yourself and gives you that extra energy
    a bar that the truth is that it's nice because you take it and instant and delicious energy!!!
    I usually take a couple of these bars every time I go out on a bike and I have a long training session, it recharges my energy and it is assimilated quite well without a feeling of heaviness in the stomach.
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    No tenéis estas barritas en existencias. Es que pone que se recibe entre el 7 y el 15 de octubre.
    2021-09-09 14:09:17 Javier Fernández
    2021-09-09 17:41:44 SALVA VALENCIA
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