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Deluxe Protein - 500 g

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Deluxe Protein from PowerBar is a sports protein supplement designed for people who want to provide a good amount of highest quality whey protein, which will help you have a balanced diet. It is rich in nutrients, suitable for vegetarians, and also perfect to enhance the growth and development of your muscle mass, with the best flavor and guarantee that Powerbar brand offers.

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    Deluxe Protein from PowerBar is the delicious food supplement rich in proteins. it is perfect for the growth and development of your muscles and for a balanced diet.

    The nutritional value of whey protein is highly recognized throughout the world, when it comes to  nourish your muscles and give them what is necessary to build up a healthy and clean muscle mass.

    Deluxe Protein from PowerBar is a food supplement with which you can prepare delicious shakes with an excellent amount of protein. This product is ideal for athletes seeking to increase their muscle mass, or even for people who want to improve their daily protein intake for a balanced diet and with the necessary nutrients.

    Deluxe Protein from PowerBar has a delicious flavor, is easy to prepare and guarantees a good supply of excellent high-quality proteins. It can be taken by people on vegetarian diets, since it does not have any side effect. It is safe and provides 100% natural ingredients.

    Main characteristics of Deluxe Protein from PowerBar:

    • Provides an excellent amount of whey protein per dose.
    • has a high ratio of casein to protein.
    • Helps muscle development and growth.
    • Supports increased strength.
    • Comes in several delicious flavors.
    • Contains no added fats or sugars.
    • Perfect to prepare delicious shakes, yogurts or muesli.
    • Contains no gluten.
    • Perfect to support healthy diets and meet daily protein requirements.
    • Provides 100% natural ingredients.

    What does each serving of Deluxe Protein from PowerBar provide?

    Deluxe Protein from PowerBar is enriched with unbeatable quality protein, casein, and perfect for preparing powerful and delicious protein shakes to improve your performance and fitness, especially your muscle mass.

    The ingredients of Deluxe Protein from PowerBar have extraordinary elements that combine to form an excellent protein formula. It also contains calcium caseinate, whey protein, whey powder enriched with a good amount of protein, among other excellent components.

    Content per serving (25 g / flavor: chocolate) of Deluxe Protein from PowerBar:
    • 92 kcal of energy.
    • 1 g of carbohydrates (may vary according to flavor).
    • 20 g of whey protein.

    Why should you take Deluxe Protein from PowerBar?

    Protein is extremely important to athlete and bodybuilder, since this is directly responsible for promoting the development and growth of muscle mass through physical training. With Deluxe Protein from PowerBar they will improve their muscle strength and performance and will naturally and safely increase their muscle mass.

    Deluxe Protein from PowerBar is ideal for athletes who do high-intensity workouts, so they require a high-protein intake. Deluxe Protein from PowerBar is also perfect for people who are really care for a high-protein intake to favor a healthy diet.

    Recommended daily use of Deluxe Protein from PowerBar:

    • Dissolve one (25 g) in 300 ml water, low-fat skimmed milk, juices or yogurts of your choice.
    • Take once or twice a day, according to your needs.
    • Recommended to take after your workout sessions.

    Customer reviews: Deluxe Protein - 500 g

    4 Reviews
    4 stars
    3 stars
    It took three to arrive, supposedly I arrived at the agency on Monday but the notice arrived on Thursday. Everything ok
    a good protein that the truth is more than essential for a better optimal recovery of the physique
    The truth is that its macros are tremendous and it digests ten, although the flavor is quite weak.
    It has not finished convincing me, especially because I feel somewhat heavy to digest. Taste, yes, quite good.
    Questions and answers
    Hola, se podría conocer el aminograma, cantidad de BCAA, glutamina...etc? Gracias.
    2022-04-28 09:35:50 Rober
    Hola Rober Es una caseina, por lo tanto no lleva BCAA ni glutamina Saludos
    2022-04-28 10:24:04 Masmusculo
    Hola Rober, la verdad que no aparece especificado en el paquete ni en la web de PowerBar. Solo nos indican los ingredientes y la cantidad de kcal, proteínas, HC, grasas y sal. Saludos
    2022-04-28 10:25:01 Jose Antonio
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